FOF # 2868 – Mike Ruiz on Directing Starrbooty and Being a Gay Supermodel

May 19, 2020 · 1985 views

Mike Ruiz directed the 2007 film Starrbooty, a collaboration with RuPaul that laid the foundation for the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Photos: Mike Ruiz.

Mike Ruiz is a world renowned celebrity and fashion photographer who’s worked with the world’s top brands and entertainers, but we’ll always know him best as the director of one of our favorite cult films, Starrbooty.

A few years before Drag Race became a hit, Rupaul wrote and starred in Starrbooty, a sequel to the low-budget videos she made with her friends in the mid 80s that were sold out of shopping carts at gay bars in Atlanta, Georgia.

This over the top film can’t be found anywhere. It includes RuPaul doing her best Diahann Carol impersonation, gratuitous full frontal nudity and a sex scene between Lady Bunny and Ru.

Today Mike Ruiz joins us to take a look back at directing RuPaul’s outrageous cult film Starrbooty which gave us the notorious filter for season one of Drag Race and being the April/May cover stud for Out Magazine.

Listen as Mike shares with us stories of being a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race for six seasons, shooting Kathy Griffin and Puppies and Pecs- a pin up calendar to benefit rescue dogs.


  1. Jim C says:

    Mike Ruiz ONE 🙂 is gorgeous. I admire his photography work. What a fantastic interview. This was a good balance of information and fun. Hugs to all three of you!!!

    And…I am planning to get a dog from a rescue or shelter, but I am taking time now to figure out what I need in a dog and what I can give him/her. I play for keeps so this pup is staying with me:)


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