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FOFA #1033 – Shine on Debbie Reynolds

While we never had a chance to talk to Carrie Fisher on the podcast, we did get the opportunity to talk to her mother, Debbie Reynolds.

Listen as we talk with Hollywood’s Golden age diva Debbie Reynolds on her career, love, dating gay men in Hollywood and what it’s like living next door to her daughter Carrie Fisher. Originally posted in 2009.

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FOF #1369 – Peaches Christ, Bring Me the Axe!

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s a great time to chat with our drag queen role model, Peaches Christ, about our favorite film on motherhood- Mommie Dearest.

Join us as we talk with Peaches about our favorite films on motherhood including the unusual film Secret Ceremony with Elizabeth Taylor and the Alien movies.

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The Twisted “Secret Ceremony” Film For Mother’s Day

Here’s a perfect twisted movie for Mother’s Day- Secret Ceremony, based on a prize-winning short story by Argentine civil servant Marco Denevi, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Mia Farrow as Leonara and Cenci who have come […]

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FOF #1354 – Madonna’s Malawi Disaster

A year ago Madonna laid the ceremonial brick for a planned girls school in the African country of Malawi- a noble mission for a nation where only 27 percent of girls attend secondary school.

Last week, it was announced the school will not be built and federal investigators are now looking into any possible fraud inside Madonna’s Raising Malawi charity and her Kabbalah center.

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Elizabeth Taylor Was a Mutant

Dame Elizabeth Had Beauty in Her Genes… Gene Mutation Anyway

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FOF #1349 – Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor- today we salute the Hollywood legend, friend to man and beast- whose tireless efforts, starting in the mid-80s, to fight against AIDS, gave comfort to the afflicted and brought about change in the public’s perception about the misunderstood disease.

Listen as we take a look at the impact of this remarkable woman’s life.

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Gay Bar Mourns Elizabeth Taylor

This moving article just appeared in the New York Times about Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite gay bar in West Los Angeles, The Abbey. She will be missed!

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Is Kim Kardashian the Messenger of Death?

After a lifetime in the public eye, Elizabeth Taylor gave her final interview to Kim Kardashian for Harper’s Bazaar (!) Vibrant and full of life back in February, Liz even joined Twitter and followed Kim […]

VIDEO: Whuck?!? There’s Already a Liz Taylor Biopic?

A stage mother pushes her daughter to become an actress, no matter the cost! With the help of Hedda Hopper, Elizabeth lands a part in “Lassie Come Home” and becomes an instant child star! Raised […]

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VIDEO: Madonna Honors Liz Taylor

Madonna made this brilliant speech in honor of Elizabeth Taylor’s 64th birthday, in 1996. “When I was a little girl, I wanted to be as beautiful as Elizabeth Taylor…you are the most golden of stars…Happy […]