La Pequeña Hillary Clinton

Mar 25, 2008 · 1985 views

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Just when you thought La Pequeña was a one trick pony with her Amy Winehouse impersonation, she’s back with a sexy political twist. Here she is portraying Senator Hillary Clinton stating “I forgave my husband” […]


  1. La Pequeña has all the bases covered as a person of color and as a woman!

  2. jimberly says:

    Even I, as a hard core BO supporter am taking a second look at Hilly after seven or eight viewings of La Pequeña…

  3. Pete says:

    i gotta admit that la pequenya looks pretty damn good as hillary. she\’s totally working the blonde hair, makeup, and skirt suit…looks like hillary can count on the transgendered south american little people vote.

  4. Nathan says:

    So cute!

    I hope Hillary makes La Pequiña the first trans page on her staff when she is Speaker of the Senate.
    Still not as hot as Obama Girl, though. 😉

    Who should La Pequiña do next? A montage as Hillary and Monica Lewinski would be hilarious!


  5. RcktMan says:

    100 times funnier than Amy Winehouse! La Pequiña has my vote!!!!!!

  6. La Pequeña es lo máximo!!!!! OMG!!!! Mujer de color YYYYYY bajita….. Ay, ya quiero ir a votar por ella, pena que haya que esperar hasta noviembre!!!!!! PEQUENA!!!!!! TE ADORO!!!!!!!

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