FOF #803 – Podcast Fever

Jul 21, 2008 · 1985 views

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Man, I feel like crap. Since last week, I’ve been fighting this truly awful 100.5 fever and I’m crossing my fingers that it isn’t anything serious. It’s been pretty awful. Shaking terribly through the night, […]


  1. Jonzu says:

    I haven’t had a chance yet to listen to the show, and it’s time to call it a night. Look forward to listening and hope your feeling better really soon!

    BTW you’re picture is just so adorable I want to want to nurse you back to health. All of us with the inner Mom are lining up with our own personal versions of momma’s chicken soup for you. At least in this virtual world! Get well soon!

  2. Matt says:

    I just started to tune in. Oh Darling feel better soon! If I was there I would break out my Daphne gear and play your drag queen granny and nurse you back to health. Feel better soon babe! Oh and so far the show is good. 😀 Sending you Love and Anti-Bodies!

  3. So true about nursing you back to health. If its any consolation Fausto, even when your sick, you still look hot and adorable in that cute blanky no less!!! ***sign*** I am sure you are in great hands with Dr. Marc, although I have to agree with you about not eating pickles. Maybe if you watched ‘Pickle Surprise’ as a substitute that will make you feel better.

    I felt really sad for Rami. Eye-witness accounts gave a gruesome description of the attack. No one, including hot and sexy celebrities deserve this kind of treatment.

    Get well Fausto!!!

  4. Fausto
    It’s starve a fever feed a cold!
    Hope you’re feeling better.

  5. Just don’t die like Jim Henson who had a cold and ended up with toxic shock syndrome…

  6. Michael says:

    Marc & Michael defile Jane Lynch’s bathroom at the Hilton!

  7. Funny show…Loved Fausto`s comment about facebook. 🙂

    Get better soon, Fausto ! We still need you !

  8. Michael says:

    It wouldn’t let me embed the video here for some reason, so here’s the link:

  9. cliff says:

    Thinking of you Fausto and get well real soon!

    much much much LOVE
    cliff from Australia

  10. Thank you guys, I’m feeling much better today. I would LOVE to see pictures of Matty in nurse drag, so bring it on!!!

    I am eating plenty of yougurt and now I’m eating small spoonfuls of fresh sauerkraut (major yuck).

    The idea behind starving and feeding a cold is based on eating food temporarily raises the body’s immune system.

  11. Hey guys, fun show despite Fausto’s ailments, not used to just listening to you guys without a guest, it felt like we were hanging out chatting, and being i am naked in bed listening to it, it’s kind of hot lol

  12. Very entertaining show! i haven’t laughed so hard all weekend! Facebook really how fausto describes it, i’ve only been out of high school for a year and already i’m seeing some of my friends deteriorate, or get knocked up! Looks like i’m going to miss the show tonight, my mom is coming to visit me and wants mother daughter time 🙁 but hey I’m still on for Thursday! See everyone there!

  13. valhum says:

    Oh Faustin i hope you get better soon. I swear i have never had fever, or at least that i remember, for some reason i barely get THAT sick, just the annoying cold…it must be the water here in Mexico hahaha, u know, once your body gets used to all the bacteria it learns to live with it, lol, that is why you all get sick when you come here, your bodies are not used to that, so we are more evolved that you hahahaha :oP

    Hey so, about that Rocky Horror dude, i do not remember his name and to be honest i have never seen the movie but i did watch the scene where he first appears and damn was he a hottie!!! Of course being me (by me i mean obsessed with porn) i remember that one time i saw naked pics of this individual and damn he was/is hung and not in your just above average but really nicely hung. I could link you but i know that since you are a google lover u will have no prob finding the pics. I remember they said he did some naked pics and did a homoerotic hercules era movie, i think that was his only one besides Rocky. It was in italian and there was a lot of male nakedness in the movie, like full naked. I think i should try to dl it :oD

  14. SAL-E says:

    I know who you are talking about…
    That is James Roscoe he is part of Treasure Island Media.
    He is also part of the group that we are starting here in Chicago.I am talking about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.
    We will be out for Market Days with some special guests from somewhere special.
    Yeah, so my friend hurt his one foot and then while trying to work the crutches hurt his other foot.
    He is not having a good summer. He works up at JackHammer stop by and say Hey!
    He is not hard to miss look for the HOT GUY IN CRUTCHES…I love it when they can’t run from me!
    Fausto, I hope you are feeling better real soon! I’ll bring some pazole over to fix you up.
    Love ya

  15. umich11 says:

    Hurricane Fausto is still raging in Chicago!! Get better soon 🙂 Oh, and very cute picture under the blanket!

  16. Katers says:

    Aww… Feel better, Fausto 🙂 I just got my wisdom teeth taken out, so I feel your pain 😛

  17. Kev says:

    Also very impressed with your Spanish skillz Marc. Did you learn that from/with Mr. Fernos or by yourself? It’s really good.

  18. Wish I could have been there with Marc seeing all those wrestlers! You know my ears were perked up during that segment! Hope you boys thought of me whenever the word “wrestle” is spoken.
    Your wrestling obsessed fan, Mark from AZ

  19. James Roscoe says:

    Hey gorgeous!!! Hope your fever is gone……..I’m still hobbling around like a jackass!


  20. Fever is gone, thankfully! Hope your healing process is fast and painless. xxx Fausto

  21. Oscar says:


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