FOF #804 – Deluxe and Delovely

Jul 21, 2008 · 1985 views

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Gigi’s back boys! Our deluxe and delovely club-kid turned mother of two and visual artist is starting a new art group in Chicago, the Salon des Artistes Indépendants. Gigi and other artists decided to come […]


  1. RcktMan says:

    Oh my GOD! I saw Gigi’s picture and was like “WOW!” And then I saw the animation of her taking off her wig — I can only think of one word – FIERCE! She is just stunningly gorgeous. I agree with you guys, I like her with her head shaved. She’s unabashedly sexy and alluring that way.

    LOVE the photos, Fausto! You really captured the essence of Gigi here.

    I haven’t listened yet… just had to get that out before I do. 🙂

  2. umich11 says:

    My friends looooove How It’s Made and The Deadliest Catch! I don’t understand the fascination…people used to complain about “reality TV” like Big Brother and Survivor, but at least there are entertaining challenges and dramatic twists! The highlight isn’t making a ball bearing or a catching a really big crab…

    Gigi is great! Her laugh is almost as infectious as Amanda’s.

  3. Michael says:

    Is that what ice does to drinks? CLASSIC!!!!!

    What was the name on that brain? Abbey something or other.

  4. Katers says:

    Gigi is so hot with her head shaved! Gorgeous.. and definitely fierce 😛 I hope you’re feeling better, Fausto 🙂

  5. Thank you I’m glad you all like my bald head- I love it! The problem is I have a bit of razor burn on my head-ouch.
    I had so much fun -I always love doing the show and I love the listeners- They are so sweet and awesome! XOXO

  6. valhum says:

    OMG Gigi you sound soooooooooo much fun, i would love to hang out with you….and oh lord, i am sorry but your boobs are huge, soooo cool :oP

    So guys, about your comment about posting about you on your listeners blog, well i did make a post a while back when i discovered you, here’s the link if u want to check it, just in case u didn’t because i remember sending you an email and i never got a reply :o( hehe

  7. Devon & Phoenix want to be on the show now!

  8. Thanks for the writeup Valhum! It was really great. Seriously, these types of write ups mean the whole world to us.

  9. SAL-E says:

    We have gone to the store looking like Zombies!
    Shopping with GiGi’s Kids is fun especially when they see someone trying too hard.
    They will call them out!
    I almost lost it when they met No-Lin.
    His name is NOLAN?

    Love ya

  10. I love Gigi’s laugh it’s so fun and cute!
    Gigi I had no idea you were so pretty, i’ve heard of you before from other podcasts, and i always pictured you a tired old queen, but i see i was totally wrong! your so fabulous!!
    Awesome show as always you guys, even the fishy bits!

  11. valhum says:

    Oh Fausto, i really meant that. You have made my every day work life much better and i know that if i am stressed i just push “play” and all is fun and gayness xD


  12. my husband loooves how it’s made, he can’t get enough of it I don’t really get it… Also Gigi you are fabulous, I wish my mom were as cool as you.

  13. Dear BarbieBoy- I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read your post! Thank you Sweetie!

  14. Gigi removing her hair in that gif reminds me of this movie our dad took us to at the Drive-In. It was called Blue Sunshine and it was about the first LSD. Everyone that took it had a psychotic homicidal break 20 years later. These children are screaming the Coco Puffs commercial and stressing their mom out in the kitchen. She pulls off her hair a la Gigi and I think she has a big knife too.

    LOVE Gigi. Love when you guys have her on! Hail Satan!!

  15. Oh I almost forgot…TMZ = 30 mile zone (in LA) aka the studio zone which makes a thirty-mile radius from the intersection of Beverly and La Cienega. Entertainment unions use it set pay rates and rules as well.

  16. Well thanks Valhum! I aim to please. 🙂

    And thanks TT, I had NO idea what TMZ stood for. Now I don’t care even more! (kidding)

  17. Kev says:

    Oh Marc I love your mastery of the French Language, or should I say J’aime ton Francais!

  18. GiGi you rock my Zune. I was like Barbieboy and thought you would be this old looking rag but I loved you anyways. After seeing you pics I now know your looks are as fierce and worderful as you personality <3. In the middle of the show you guys started to talk about what amanda might be whereing…. I hope it is a dominatrix (<-Not a clue how to spell!!) outfit cause I rofl at her video with marc, but I bet she is in an A line skirt. The few times i watched the show thats what the always put on currvy beutiful women like Amanda. Also when Fausto was “talking” to a doctor about the genital abnormalities I thought it was great how he used his lady bunny voice for that!!!.

  19. Oh my- do I sound like an old queen?! What the hell!!! LOL!

  20. Hi there Capalicious, this is Bady Lunny.

  21. LOL… Oh Fausto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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