Cindy McCain isn’t the battered spouse–we are

Nov 14, 2010 · 1985 views

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Poor Cindy McCain. John McCain locked her in a cage, took away all access to technology, sewed her mouth shut and–when all else failed–tranquilized her with heavy-duty animal tranq, usually reserved for elephants. All to […]


  1. Demand Equality says:

    Cindy married John because she agrees with his politics, and she set up NOH8Campaign with her republiTHUG husband to make them look bad. She is for women in the military being raped and accused of being lesbians and getting discharged, just like her husband Senator John McCain is. She is for men being beat up by other men in the military, accused of being gay and then discharged, just like her husband is. He heard the testimony under oath in the Senate and then denied hearing it. They are two of the same heterosupremacist tyrannical theocRATS and I told her so at and I told her lying husband the same thing at & I also told her on!/profile.php?id=1108874838 and everyone else should too. And then NOH8Campaign should edit the video and cut her part out with a message about standing up to bullies like Cindy & John McCain.

    When you are done go to and demand that every senator vote to repeal DADT – tell them on Facebook Twitter email phone & fax.

  2. Daniel says:

    Or maybe she’s bat shit crazy.

  3. Rock says:

    What’s wrong with her???

  4. seawall says:

    I’d agree the McCains’ relationship probably isn’t great. John famously had an outburst and called Cindy a cunt in front of three reporters, in response to a remark about his hair going thin; he’s had other out-of-proportion reactions elsewhere that could be explained (if not excused) by PTSD, for which he may not have received proper treatment for (if the lives of other wounded veterans are anything to go on).

    But whether that has any bearing on her stance on DADT, I have no idea. Judging from her actions, Cindy McCain is no more obviously an LGBT ally than Katy Perry. I say give neither much credit until they have taken responsibility for their conflicting messages and made an unequivocal statement of support.

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