VIDEO: Over the Top Robot Bollywood Action Scene

Jan 26, 2011 · 1985 views

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A bunch of robots go on a rampage with hysterical results. How long before Hollywood does a remake of this?


  1. Curtis says:

    absurd. overly elaborate, 7 minutes too long. The joy and hilarity of the first couple minutes are sucked out of it by the time you get 6 minutes in and on transformation #385. It’s excess actually makes the whole rather dull. Very much like the overkill of the American Transformers franchise in this respect.

  2. Patrick in New York says:

    the budget for that had to be enormous for a Bollywood pic!

  3. Andy says:

    This his hilarious, particular with the really awful Russian synchronization.

  4. India’s approach to design is more is never enough. Look at this photo of a mendi pattern on the woman’s hands, you couldn’t put more designs, curls, lines in there! To me it looks like their artists never had a “minimalist” period, so they don’t appreciate the whole IKEA Swedish design school like Westerners do.

    Their design esthetic is like most drag queens- too much bling is never enough! They were saying “gimme more” before Britney Spears was even born.

  5. Watusicat says:

    That is awesome! Where do you find this stuff? I particularly liked the spinning ball of robot death.

  6. Chickengirl says:

    haha wow. that was fun. the robots attacks just kept getting more and more ridiculous…I can kinda agree with Curtis tho…like with the 2nd Transformers movie, all the outrageous CGI and action starts to get dull after a while….

    this is like the crack baby of all the Terminator and Matrix films.

  7. Tim says:

    Needs more dancing.

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