VIDEO: Unintentionally Hilarious Facial Yoga Video

Feb 14, 2011 · 12360 views

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My yoga face, mah mah mah Yoga Face. Does this even work? If puffing out your cheeks make you look younger, wouldn’t trumpet players be known for their youthfullness? I’ll still try it out. Anyone […]


  1. Here’s the video- we’re trying to sort ouf bugs:

  2. Angela says:

    Neither is showing up for me, but is it a woman named Annelise Hagen? I found her book at my last job at the library and tried to copy some of the moves. Haven’t kept it up, though, I need classes to stay focused.

  3. Marc Felion says:

    She looks great for 100!

  4. Andy says:

    First they get a Botox treatment and then they claim they look so fresh because of some water or that face yoga.

    I watched once a show on TV about health/beauty and the doctor also talked about face yoga and said it would not have any anti-aging effects. My skin doctor confirmed that.

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