VIDEO: FoxNews Uses an Obama Impersonator in a Televised Debate

Jun 12, 2011 · 1985 views

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John Stossel, a joke at 60 Minutes and now a joke at Fox News, has chosen to use an Obama impersonator, Reggie Brown, to argue Obama’s stance on several issues in a debate.  Was the […]


  1. Andy says:

    How can take one something like this seriously? When Republicans finally realize the growing income inequality is one main problem and it is partly caused by the wrong tax system. Some days ago when Obama and Merkel met, the NYT published an intersting article and compared the US and Germany, particular the economy.

    “Unlike what happened here, German laws and regulators have also prevented the decimation of their labor unions. The clout of German unions, at individual companies and in the political system, is one reason the middle class there has fared decently in recent decades. In fact, middle-class pay has risen at roughly the same rate as top incomes…Germany does not have a smaller budget deficit because it spends less. Germany, you’ll recall, is the original welfare state. It has a smaller deficit because it is more willing to match the benefits it wants with the needed taxes. The current deficit-reduction plan includes about 60 percent spending cuts and 40 percent tax increases…Republican leaders also want to make deep cuts in the sort of antipoverty programs that have helped Germany withstand the recession even in the absence of big new stimulus legislation.”

  2. Andy says:

    The actor should join the facebook group “men who look like old lesbians” because he looks like one.

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