FOF #738 – Big Girl Party

Apr 14, 2008 · 123666 views

When Larry met TracyEvery weekend in the burbs of Chicago, big girls and their admirers get together for a party and two weekends ago our large and in charge pal Tracy Tyler attended and was the belle of the ball. Listen as Tracy Tyler shares her delicious story about going to the big girl party and hooking up. What happened when she was in the parking lot of the hotel and the cops drove by? Did she get into trouble?

Today we begin with dipping our toes into the deep waters of our loyal listener and friend Larry LaFountain. Larry’s infectious smile and laughter belies a deep intellect and passion for Latino Queer Studies. He’s also an Assistant Professor of Latino/Latina Studies and Spanish at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in Spanish. Larry gets mesmerized by Tracy’s delicious story of suburban sexual mayhem and shares with us his insights on the queer academic experience.

Maximo the gay Mexican wrestlerDid you know in Mexico’s flamboyant wresting scene known as “La Lucha Libre” openly gay wrestlers like Maximo are quickly becoming folk heroes? Sporting a pink leotard and Mohawk to match, Maximo takes down his opponents with a swift kick to the groin and finishes them off with a gay kiss, much to the delight of the roaring crowd.

Although exotic themed wrestlers have been around since the 1970s, they are making a huge comeback in Mexico’s mainstream wrestling scene and you can definitively count on them coming their way to the WWE and other type of theatrical wrestling events. You heard it here first on the FOF- we’ll probably see in the coming years wrestlers pulling an “Ellen” and invigorate their struggling careers by coming out of the closet and working it into the ring.

Thinking about this topic, will we see perennial gay favorite Cyndi Lauper make a return to the flamboyant world of wrestling?

What's your idea of sexual diversity?Which way do you prefer to arrange the letters in the rainbow alphabet of sexual diversity? GLBT, LGBT, GLBTQQ or TLAXHQSFQWEVBZZ? Don’t ask me what that last one stands for. There is a teeny-tiny cold war being fought over how queer folks are represented when you create a arrangement of all the letters.

If you don’t believe me, check out how Wikipedia has erased any mention of the term “GLBT” in favor for “LGBT.” Be sure to check out the excellent argument on this topic though.

Some feel that Lesbians should be first because it’s a form of compensating for sexism in our own community, others feel that Gay should be first since women, men and trannies all identify sometimes under that term. Some think T for Trans should be first because it’s assumed that drag queens were in the front lines of that fateful night in New York City, June 28, 1969.

I’ve made the editorial decision to refer to this list as “GLBT” on the site most of the time since that’s the way most publications refer to it and as a way of tipping our hats to Harry Hay, one of the founders of the modern gay rights movement.

Also our show’s name “Feast of Fools” refers to one of his ideas of queer liberation of gay men feeling free to live their lives regardless of what others thought of them, to act fancy and carefree, to be fearless of being seen as foolish. Ten years ago the name of the show “Feast of Fools” was coined by on of our local friends Bill Hadddad over dinner at Heartland Cafe where we were planning our very first show in March of 1998.

Ultimately, someone always gets left out and if I had it my way, I’d put the letter C at the beginning of the list, since it’s really the Closeted people we’re working for. They are the ones who suffer the most and in the end never get to experience the sense of joy and comfort that it means to be fiercely open and transparent about your sexuality.

Although Pride month is just 47 days away, anytime is a good time to tell a friend about the Feast of Fools.

Making you feel like the popular girl at the cocktail party- Feast of Fools.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Great show!

    Larry LaFountain is so cute. Intellectual bears with a sense of humor are a favorite of mine. Very Hot! Thanks for having him on.

  2. Wil says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!! A double issue of poli-trani fun. Listeners: DON’T BE FOOLED. After the end song, the show continues.

    Also di you know of the the following site?

  3. Gary T says:


    The Wynonna Judd suggestion was mine, you are welcome. You are such a great singer.


  4. Teddy says:


    you need to write a book…

    love you girl!

  5. Pete says:

    It’s good to hear tracy tyler’s beautiful voice on the show again. i love hearing about her latest sex-capade. she’s truly an unsung heroine.

    i agree that larry is very cute and funny. what a learned “cachorro”! he can enter my den any day.

    those mexican wrasslers are something else. Its interesting to see how positive, albeit stereotypical, gay role models are accepted by latino societies still defined by machismo.

  6. Mateo says:

    Yay! I love Tracy. She is great! Loved the show! ¡Más Tracy!

  7. PureeTofu says:

    Wow, Tracy I didn’t realize how nice of a voice you have!
    Definitely will book you to sing whenever I get married…. must find a man first!

    By the way, this episode was so funny I got caught laughing out loud at work.
    I also have white sheets, I thought it was hilarious to hear about the wine!

    I want to see that ring though, also, I never give my number out, I always ask people to give me theirs, that way they don’t get mine when I call them (I block caller ID until I know they aren’t crazy).

  8. Tracy Tyler says:

    SMOOOOCH Gary!!!!! Thank you soooo much for seggesting Wynonna!!!!!

    Thank you !!!!!

  9. Tracy Tyler says:

    ahhhhhh thank Will, Teddy, Pete, Meteo, Tofu! —- 😀 I feel the love!!!!! SMOOCH

  10. Eli says:

    Okay, I don’t want to cause any drama or ruffle anyone up but I just have a problem….
    I have been a “fan” of FOF at the beg. of 2006 and so from then to now, i have seen a big change….
    Some major people of the show are gone…
    Miss Ronnie and Victoria Lamarr
    I got over it when Vmarr left (even tho she was AMAZING) but Miss Ronnie?! She was the heart and soul of the show, sorry guys, she had that “sassafraction”
    And knowing the rate things are going Miss Amanda Steinesteine will soon be gone.

    So I personally wont be downloading any shows until Miss Ronnie is back….

    Sorry, i just needed to get that out and also cause i wanted to see what your guys view on the subject was.


  11. SleeperChoke says:

    Thanks Tracy for a great show!!! You are one gorgeous gal!
    I don’t have to do my ab workout today because I was laughing so hard I could feel the burn.
    You are a riot and I bet you would be a blast to hang out with. Keep those stories coming.
    My only gripe was I was hoping to hear more about the mexican wrestlers. Grrrrrr

  12. RcktMan says:

    I’m only partway through the intro and already I’m enjoying the show so much! Larry is so much fun! I’ve seen him around the boards and comments before.. so it’s great to get to know him on the show! And of course my girlfriend Tracy Tyler… I love you darling. More than my new, beautiful FoF Candy-Apple-Red T-Shirt and Mug!

    And of course, I love Fausto and Marc. I mean come on. 😉

  13. Tracy…it seems like you were gone for soooo long :( Glad to hear you back on this episode! LOVED the story too…I can almost hear the intro for the TV episode “What started out as an innocent (ha!) night at a big girl party…turned into another Tracy Adventure!” cue music.

    Keep them comming Tracy. :)

  14. Jonzu says:

    Tracy, you have a beautiful wonderful voice! Absolutely Wonderful! Song is what moves me in church, and from that small piece you shared, would have me saying YES that’s why I come to church!

    Fausto, Larry, I loved picturing you guys growing up with chinese ice cream shops in Puerto Rico. Little gems like that make life rich.

  15. Teddy says:


    While i’m sure everyone respects your decision to not download the show, none of what you said had anything to do with the show today. If you really feel like you aren’t going to listen to the show anymore because Miss Ronnie is gone, than that’s fine. I don’t understand your choice, but it is your choice. However, I’m not sure this is the forum to express such an opinion.

    Your comments should be in the forums, where they belong. Or if possible, a note to Fausto and Marc sharing your input on their show. But posting it here has nothing to do with how fabulous Tracy and Larry were on the show today. Show some respect to the other amazing guests that contribute to this wonderful program.

    Change is inevitable, and people move on. Surely you can understand that.

  16. Geostud says:

    YAY! Love love love when Tracy’s on the show! So excited to listen and Larry was a ton of fun too. That story about Tracy going to that sex party had me on the floor laughing! Interesting discussion on the use of gay abbreviations as well.


    And ELI… Give me a break! Ronnie was never the center of this show. She was a guest and SHE left. If you want to be pissed at anyone, let it be her! Today’s show was more funny and interesting than anything Ronnie did. Get over yourself and leave Fausto and Marc alone! UGH

  17. Tracy Tyler says:

    Eli ,

    I think to most people it IS extraordinary to have sitting in one room an ivy league “bearish” puerto rican homesexual, 1 current events expert, one ground breaking podcaster, and 1 simple suburban transexual — now that’s a recipe for entertainment in most peoples eyes LOL LOL

    Thanks to everyone that enjoyed today’s show


  18. Teddy says:

    Amen Tracy, Amen

  19. RcktMan says:

    Tracy, you are a CLASS ACT honey. I so love you. :)

  20. Eli- I think by posting these type of divisive comments you are trying to control us and punish us because some of your regular guests aren’t on the podcast anymore.

    We are all individuals with our own lives, needs and desires. Marc and I work for hours to put these shows together and invite a broad range of guests to come on the show. Those we enjoy working with and who want to return, get invited to come back again. Some of them return, some choose not to return.

    Why do people choose to leave a position that earned them popularity, visibility and gave them a large audience for their opinions? Ask them. I invite you to write to them directly, you can google their names and find them. it is that easy.

    There is a cost to doing this show, but seriously, it’s a lot of fun and we have a great time doing it. When a guest stops enjoying doing the show or we stop enjoying having them on it, they cease to return to it.

    Your comments disregard the new people that are part of the show. Think of the wonderful women like Tracy that appear now on the show that didn’t before. Think of the wonderful guests that are to come and reflect on the wonderful guests that were once a weekly part of the show.

    Marc and I never stop working hard to look for great people to come on the podcast. Hopefully we’ll always be together doing funny, insightful shows, but nothing lasts forever. I wish nothing but success to everyone who is no longer a part of this program.

    Because change is good, it’s healthy for people to stop doing the podcast. On all programs that have had regular guests (like Saturday Night Live or the View) it doesn’t mean the show is bad, it just means that change is inevitable.

    Will someone do a “Leave Fausto Alone” Chris Crocker inspired video for my birthday? Please!??

  21. Marc Felion says:

    Why are you so upset? Vmarr ate Ronnie and now goes by the name Tracy Tyler.

    Victoria Lamarr thinks she is Ann Coulter
    Vmarr looking terribly carnivorous and cannabalistic.

    Miss Ronnie Vanna
    Ronnie posing with the infamous frying pan that she was eventually sautéed in.

    Podcasting fusion- Sal-E and Tracy Tyler
    Tracy eying up her next meal?

  22. Jonzu says:

    Ha! LOL! Marc, you’re a devilish hoot! Love Ya!

  23. DCRyan says:

    Haha, I love how you brought some levity to the negative tone of the earlier post, Marc…

    Though I love all of (…well most of, hehe) the guests on FOF, I think part of what keeps the show fresh is the constant rotation of personalities. Everytime Tracey and Kennidi come on I get a better understanding of what the trans community is all about. This is a community that is all to often misunderstood, and certainly underrepresented in the media, and here you have Marc and Fausto constantly bringing these issues to the forefront. I think that is cutting edge programming right there, the same way having V-Marr talk about her experience with HIV/AIDS was.

    What other show could have a straight minister slash HIV/AIDS activist, two fabulous trannies, a cast of club kids, artists, musicians, visionaries, all on one show and keep it cohesive at the same time? No one but my sexy boys, Marc and Fausto. Oprah better watch out b/c Marc and Fausto are on FIRE!!


  24. Cliff Dix says:

    Tracy, I love you. I wanted to tell you I read Tula’s autobiography and think she is such a fascinating woman. I last heard she is married and living in the suburbs of Atlanta. Another good reason for you guys to come down and see your Southern fans.
    Love to you all.

  25. NCNative says:

    I love some Tracy Tyler. I think your stories are hilarious and your insight is, well, insightful. I laughed so much during the show while you told the story about the Big Girl Party. I look forward to hearing you on future shows!!!

    As for the other conversation, get over it!! I think we have been given a great gift and your comments are not only expressed in the wrong forum, but are also rude. I don’t think you really listened to the show that much because the person you were talking about would say ‘Flip that Shit’ …. work with what you got.

    As always, I hope you bought a t-shirt before you made those comments.

  26. Joe P says:

    I’m not sure why Miss Ronnie is no longer on the show, but I love Tracey and so glad she is on the show! I love your humor and it has been so educational for me to learn more about the trans experience. Thank you for your input and I look forward to hearing more from you!

    Loved to hear you sing “You Were Loved!” Hadn’t heard the Wynonna version, though I have heard Whitney Houston’s version from “The Preacher’s Wife.”

    I don’t know why people are all concerned about the position of the letters in “GLBT.” Sometimes we always put importance of placing something at the beginning. Sometimes placing things last gives it as much respect as the beginning. So, if you look at it in another way, “T” being at the end could also be putting it on top! At least that’s the way I think of it.

  27. TrickyToro says:

    The latter portion of the show with Larry was fantastic. What a treat to have distinguished scholar speak about queer theory. I actually took notes and plan on incorporating what I heard into a presentation to my Gay Straight Alliance on campus this week. Thanks for illuminating and informing me yet again.

    ps re: Nixon, he truly was King of the Pig People, Reagan was his legacy and Bush Jr. is like their retarded step-child.

  28. Larry is living proof that academia can be fun, exciting and accessible to everyone.

  29. Marc Felion says:

    You guys don’t need to worry about Eli. We’ve been engaging him in email. He is upset that we didn’t issue some kind of statement about Ronnie’s status with the show. What I told him was that I never say never. After all, Vmarr does pop up from time to time on the show and maybe someday Ronnie will be back. You don’t know and we don’t know either. It is never just black and white. And it is not as if we drew some kind of line in the sand and crossed it. In life, you have to learn to live with a certain uncertainty and we don’t want to paint ourselves into a corner or involve people in unnecessary drama.

    Why Ronnie left is her business, if you want to make it yours go ask her. But just to let you know, contrary to what i posted earlier, she does still have that frying pan.

  30. SAL-E says:

    Wha Wha What?

    Love ya

  31. Wow, thanks, boys and girls! What nice comments… It was really fun being on the show, I feel like a wish came true! It was very nice seeing Fausto again, and meeting Tracy and Marc for the first time!!!!

    And if anyone is in the Hartford, Connecticut, area, I’ll be tomorrow at the Real Art Ways (RAW) third-Thursday of the month Creative Cocktail Hour, sometime after 8:00 PM! Feel free to come by and say hello… and buy me a drink! LOL

    (RAW is located at 56 Arbor St, and the Creative Cocktail Hour is a really fun event that my friends love.)



  32. Kaleb says:

    Lol! SAL-E’s the next meal … that’s just awesome.

    Tracy’s stories never cease to make me laugh, keep on living your crazy life girl!

    Larry was a great guest too, I really liked the discussion at the end of the show. I agree with Tracy that our society is heading into an age where labels don’t matter anymore … or at least I hope that’s where we’re heading.

  33. PhilConnors says:

    It was a great show, I loved the post-show after the ending music. I actually was here to post a comment that Larry sounds like Fausto’s niece, pitch modulated down a fifth. I was surprised to read Eli’s comment, but I think the FOF show has been very up front with the crazy individuals who have been a part of the show. I loved Miss Ronnie, and I have kept some of my favorite episodes with her (I have been listening since episode 298 “The WetSpots”), but the only way this show will grow and survive is to keep moving forward. I think Fausto and Marc have done a fantastic job with the guests and most of the regulars. Tracy Tyler is awesome, and brings a really different perspective than V-Mar or Sal-E or the Rev. DJ. Long live FOF!
    BTW, will we hear from Bill Haddad again soon?

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