FOF #985 – Welcome to Planet Larry La Fountain

May 13, 2009 · 63808 views

Fausto Fernós, Larry La Fountain and Marc Felion

Larry La Fountain on the Feast of Fun podcastSome queer Puerto Ricans feel as if they’re from another planet- strangers in a strange land no matter where they go. Negotiating between cultures gives us fresh eyes with which to seek out the infinite possibilities.

On today’s show we’re talking to the hilariously giddy Larry La Fountain, professor of queer studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Don’t let the title of Professor fool you- Larry full of laughter and insight.

His new book, Blue Fingernails/Uñas Pintadas De Azul, is a collection of fourteen exotic short stories on sexy subjects like s & m, trannies, prostitution, science fiction, fashion and pornography. We’re happy for Larry that his book is getting good reviews.

Listen as Larry takes a look at living outside of the community you grew up in and what it means to be “the other” in today’s modern world. Are we all like Spock on Star Trek? Why does Fausto identify with B’Elanna Torres from Star Trek: Voyager?

Half Human, Half Vulcan: Spock from Star Trek, the Original TV series Half Klingon, half Latina: B'Elanna Torres from Star Trek: Voyager

Larry weighs in on whether or not there was a love affair between Lorca and Dalí as portrayed in the film Little Ashes.

Plus our take on the new Star Trek movie, and how time travel is the magical Hollywood eraser that can ignite a beloved science fiction franchise.

Dolly Parton gets a Ph.D. in fabulousness from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

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  1. Nidocamen says:

    Great show with all the sci-fi tie-ins! And yeah, I wouldn’t have thought he was Puerto Rican either haha. I, for one, thought the new Star Trek movie was ridiculously incredible. But certain parts of it felt a little rushed just to ‘get the audience to understand everything.’ The storyline itsself felt a little copied from other parts of Trek……but I guess it is difficult to create something brand-new these days. The characters are top-notch though and I think they now have the license to ‘boldly go’ wherever they want to with the new alternate-universe version of Trek. Great shows lately guys and keep up the great FOF!

  2. Nidocamen says:

    So you guys are 15 shows away from Number 1000. Are you planning to have like a huge roundtable of all the great and wacky guests on from over the years? I think it would be great if you had like 20 guests on the show all at once…….granted, that would be pretty difficult from a technical perspective, trying to mic all of them lol. Anyways, congrats as you build to #1000……it’s definitely a huge accomplshment!

    Also, stay tuned for details in early June about the revised trip to Phoenix. I am working out details now, way ahead of time to ensure this goes forward for early October.


  3. Marcin says:

    Wow, that was an awesome show. It’s amazing how you guys managed to say a lot of really profound and insightful things, while keeping up the usual humour going. And I absolutely loved your guest – I am myself a big fan of this sort of literary/cultural seeking/mingling and of ecclectic themes, so got very intrigued by the parts of his stories Larry read on the show. I am definitely going to check Larry’s book out!

  4. Hi!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I had a wonderful time on the show!!!!

  5. Arnaldo says:

    OMG, when Larry was on the podcast with Tracy I kept thinking, why doesn’t he talk about his fiction? I’m so glad you brought him back as a headliner and that he got his own FOF icon! He’ll be reading at the upcoming Hispanic Panic! event at Nowhere in NYC, curated by the also fab Charlie Vázquez.

  6. Ali says:

    When Fausto started talking about Sensual versus Militarism society, he was actually hitting on something. It’s more commonly known as Epicurean(Sensual) and Stoic(Militarism). Epicurean is all about indulgence, food, wine and good times, while the Stoic belief is the strict regulation of your urges and emotions. So, the Feast of Fun would be very Epicurean.

    Larry was a great guest, as a multi-racial person I can relate. I find it hard to fit in, especially in Miami, a very diverse, but incredibly self-segregated city.

  7. Stranger in a strange land definitely is really the best way to put it.

    In the various stages of my life I realised that the people around me align themselves to rather strong racial/cultural affiliations. And it has definitely resulted in the rather awkward way in which I relate to people. Its an endless sequence of negotiations.

    Some examples:

    * To my Chinese classmates I am not Chinese enough as I don’t speak proper Cantonese/Mandarin.

    * I have had an Irish boss and European co-workers ask me if I came from Europe. When I tell them that I didn’t, I always get “Oh. You just seem very European to me”, which doesn’t really make much sense.

    * The Aussies here use local cultural references and I have to politely explain that I did not grow up in Australia.

    * I drop in references from the America (like Grey Gardens for example) and all I get are chirping crickets.

    * My parents in Malaysia think I’m weird when we talk about ANY topic.

    * And apparently, one can be “too gay” and “not gay enough”, all at the same time.

    It can be pretty tiring. But I do think that these issues will become more pervasive as immigration and cross-cultural pollination becomes increasingly common.

  8. TrickyToro says:

    Professor La Fountain is one of my all time favorite guests. His identification as a queer feminist male is such an inspiration and I find listening to him totally affirming and informative. Really appreciate this POV on the show!

    I saw a show on Dali and film and he credited Bunuel and his love of the emerging technology of film with much of the iconic pieces he’s very well known for. He collaborated with many filmmakers including the Marx Bros. Interestingly, the discussion you guys had about Dali and Lorca made me start to think this is something I am gonna talk about in this oral presentation I have to do for my spanish final.

    Fausto I don’t think I’ve commented but I really LOVE your deconstruction of social theory. Your brilliant mind never ceases to delight me. The Princess Lea as cockblocker was priceless!

  9. Curtis says:

    So you guys liked Star Trek? I wouldn’t know it from the way you talked about it on the show.

  10. Marc Felion says:

    Are you kidding? We loved it.

  11. Marcin says:

    Ok, so I went to a drag show last night and had this epiphany, inspired by the show, how drag queens are really the closest modern equivalent we have of the theatre of Shakespeare and of the ancient Greece – after all, in both cases these were men dressed in drag, and pretending their are goddesses and queens – only now it’s the new type of queens and goddesses – the divas of pop-culture. 😉

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