FOF #1200 – Work That Look

Jun 2, 2010 · 28915 views

Oh those fluid chameleons of culture- celebrities!

Kathy Griffin as Bettie Paige - photo by Mike Ruiz

Many entertainers and politicians are busy echoing the style of other famous people. Take a look at the new photos of Lance Bass in a Gothic, Adam Lambert look, Lady Gaga talking a bit like Madonna while looking like Michael Jackson on Larry King Live and comedian Kathy Griffin as Bettie Paige.

To be a celebrity other than your own celebrity is all the rage.

Meanwhile, here in Illinois, Republican State Representative Mark Kirk may be impersonating a straight man. Blogger Mike Rogers outed the man chasing after Sen. Obamas seat as a hypocrite that votes against gay rights while secretly being gay.

Join us as we talk with political blogger Phil Reese about the impact the outing of Mark Kirk will have on gay rights, and why the wives of conservative politicians are falling all over themselves to woo gay support. And it’s working- gays in Dallas, Texas are clamoring for Laura Bush to be the Grand Marshall of this year’s gay pride parade.

Hot news & trends:

A new book features the internet’s most hilarious web addresses.

Mopey teenagers dress up as werewolves.

People magazine, en español features Ricky Martin and his cute baby boys to celebrate Father’s Day.

And which celebrity do you think has had the greatest impact on our lives in the past 50 years?

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  1. charlesver33 says:

    The celebrity that’s impacted the most people’s lives is obviously Steve Jobs, or Jim Henson.

  2. ameriqueer says:

    That Phil guy is BRILLIANT! You should have him on more often! 😉

  3. ameriqueer says:

    PS My vote is for Madonna as well!

  4. John says:

    Yay! Politics. Fun!

  5. BrianB says:

    I would say John Lennon had the biggest impact.

  6. Who else!? Looks like Madonna is the clear winner here.

  7. Joey Yokubaitis says:

    I think Lance looks more like Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice than Adam Lambert. By the way, Fausto, you didn’t butcher my name TOO badly the other day. It’s “Yoke-uh-bite-iss).

  8. Alan Murphy says:

    The only orginial celebrity i know of late is Gaga. They either pay homage to another celeb, make fun or have no ideas of their own. It is the same with movies of late most are remakes .

  9. Kevin Crave says:

    Hey Fausto i think Lady GaGa was dressed as larry king not MJ

  10. “Dustin Lance Bass” was hysterical!

    Phil was great as well! Good show!!

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