FOF #1391 – I Survived Gay Pride in Russia

Jun 3, 2011 · 27602 views

The European Council on Human Rights may have ruled that the Russian people have a right to hold a Pride Parade, but that didn’t stop the authorities in Moscow from banning it anyway by claiming they couldn’t protect the parade participants from the haters.

Dan Choi gets beaten up. In Russia you don't march in Pride Parade, Pride Parade marches on you.

As dangerous as it was, Andy Thayer, along with Lt. Dan Choi marched in solidarity in Russia’s first somewhat legal Pride Parade, which ended with 32 arrests and several injuries at the hands of neo-Nazis.

But, the march was a huge success not only at an international level, but it also drew an unprecedented amount of attention from the Russian media, which here until now largely ignored the struggle for gay rights in the land of Tchaikovsky.

Today, Andy Thayer joins us fresh from his return from Russia (with love) to share his amazing story of participating in the Pride Parade and what it was like to face down hunky but violent Russian police officers and fascists.

Listen to today’s show to hear what Sir Ian McClellan had to say about the parade and find out what Adam Lambert tweeted while performing in Moscow on that very day.


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  1. 300fromRyan says:

    Looks like we’re goin to the beach.

  2. Barrett says:

    Love when Andy’s on the show. Makes me feel like such a lazy queer.

    Can’t say he’s convincing me to ever visit Russia unless I need to drop 10lbs though.

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