FOF #715 – Double Cut Porkchop

Feb 29, 2008 · 1985 views

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Let’s talk about this seasons Fox television reality series American Idol. Did you get to see the incredible David Archuleta singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” this past week? I swear he grabbed my heart with his […]


  1. RcktMan says:

    David’s version of “Imagine” is directly related to an arrangement by Eva Cassidy. She was a singer/arranger who lived in the DC area and died at 33 in 1996 of cancer. I certainly don’t blame him for choosing her arrangement — it’s gorgeous and puts the song in a completely new light. And he certainly has the chops to pull off the performance. I think we’re looking at the next American Idol here!!!

    Haven’t heard the show yet but just wanted to comment on that. I’ll post another comment after I listen to the show.

  2. Steven says:

    The trains broke down, so i coundn’t go for my colonoscopy, was very angry and annoyed Until i downloaded this show.
    Thx sal-e, you got me thu that shit!

    BTW I Had a Pictolax & Lorazepam & i have not exploded… yet!
    Do you mean ambient? cause that shit is nasty!

    !!!!!!!!!Don’t do drugs childernz, unless it’s give to you by a Doctor!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Cliff Dix says:

    “People come to a Helen Lawson show to see HELEN LAWSON!”
    Ah, Valley of the Dolls. I love the scene where Neelie and a friend are lounging around a pool and the doorbell rings. Neelie asked her useless husband to answer it. He says, ” I am not the butler.” To which Neelie replies, “You aren’t the breadwinner either!” NASTY!
    Hey if the Alice in Wonderland show needs another White Rabbit I already have the costume. People are going to start thinking I am a Furry.
    I also have some disgusting stories about my grandmother sneaking Milk of Magnesium in our OJ when would stay with her during the Summer but I will spare you.

  4. Cliff Dix says:

    I love the underwear shots. Especially the pillow fight on you flickr page. Sexy. I think that deserved a live cam/chat show.

  5. Rick says:

    What was Sal E wearing under the underwear? Talking about “Rent”, don’t forget Wilson Cruz, who was in the show for a few months. I wanted to see it again with him but never found the time.

  6. HEY! The Easter bunny was supposed to bring those baskets to MY house! Question is, how many eggs are in each…Marc looks like his smuggling extra huevos!!!! LOLOLOLOL

    ox, R-

  7. kennidi says:

    THe show was hott! You bois look great in your panties…as SAL-E Called em last nite! I just have to say bois, I had a blast with u guys! And SAL-E it was great to finally meet u! I had a blast….Keep the fun up! Cant wait till this wkend!

    Much Love,

  8. Great Show always love Sal E!!!!

    The above link is David singing the full version of Imagine on TV in Utah. Love his Voice.

  9. SAL-E says:

    It was funny when I said that I got some new panties…..and like that I had a crowd around my table as I pulled them out of my bag……….and then they were passed around and the Dancer got off the box because everyone was looking at My New Underwear and not him. Sorry Chris. My Undees were cute. I wear a medium but the small ones make me look like I was smuggling some grapes, a roll of nickles and my house keys.
    I am thinking we should do a calender?
    Love ya

  10. sewmonkey says:

    Not only did I get a really great plug for my undies, but I also got photos of all you handsome men in undies! I’d say my work is complete. Thanks 😉

  11. Sal -E looks so flexible in that picture ….. hummmm ….

  12. We can do a calendar if you want, sure.

  13. Jon-paul says:

    Sal-E, you just made my day! You are funny and with such a quick wit! You are also a nice human being. I also agree about David Archuleta…I think a star is born!

  14. Rhea says:

    I wonder if there’s video footage of that boy with Mogli syndrome?

    I read this whole Wikipedia article on feral children– fascinating and tragic at the same time…

  15. Oh my. 😮

    Great show, and LOL awesome panty shots.

    “Stunning” is such a cool song.

  16. Rhea says:

    Hey, are you guys going to be auctioning off your used panties on the site?

  17. Flmustang says:

    HMMMMM i\’m seeing stripes…. yummy , like a candy cane there Sal-e

  18. haha this was a very funny episode.

    A mi me mucho gusto!

    I can just imagine the THS of David Archuleta now: From American Idol to Gay Idol

  19. Sal-E friggin kills me hahahaha.i cant remember the show name, but music started to play at the end, and like, Sal-E was like, this is so 80\’s and started to do like one and two and three, like a work out video or something, and fausto was like, would you bitches shut up, and i cracked up. Then everyone looked at me funny.

  20. [nObLe] says:


  21. The underwear was overshadowed by the mention of Lena Zavaroni! How do you guys in Chicago know about a \’wee lassie\’ from Scotland?

  22. Kendall says:

    i\’ve been having computer troubles so i just barely got a chance to catch the underwear pics!!! wow – definitely worth waiting for!!!

  23. Jerome Rodale died during a taping of the Dick Cavett show in 1971

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