FOF #739 – Cougars Just Wanna Have Fun

Apr 15, 2008 · 1985 views

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Growl! Cougars are on the prowl. On today’s show our pal Jim Pickett introduces us to a new term: COUGAR. Think of it as M.I.L.F. (Mother I’d Like to F*ck) but a little older and […]


  1. Mateo says:

    Nice show! That forum you guys will be doing sounds very interesting! The whole teens exchanging nude pics on cell phones, it was a big scandal at my old highschool last year! A girl sent gross pics of herself to her boyfriend and then the next day everyone in the school had them on their phones! It was quite foul.( and illegal?)

  2. I bet that boyfriend was in tro-ble!

  3. Pete says:

    that cougar story here in chicago is so sad since the life of a cougar is easily worth 2, maybe 3, humans.

    i love jim’s and fausto’s view on drug (ab)use. where were they during my intervention?

    i dug the variation of the opening theme!

  4. filpmire says:

    Holla-back to Mark and Fausto from Jack and Phil! The Saugatuck offer still stands despite Fausto not remembering us. You guys should do a podcast from the Dunes Resort this summer.

  5. Regina wants us to go to the Dunes the last weekend in April when she gives up her crown. I’d love to go but it’ll be hard to get Fausto to go.

  6. Cliff Dix says:

    Fausto knows his power. That is why he says NO to drugs. Just look at how many innocent people he has persuaded to sit on perfectly good cakes.

  7. Jim is always great to hear on the show. Hope you all have a great week.

  8. jimberly says:

    Thanks all. As always, it is a blast to come on the show. And I look forward to seeing the Chicago listeners at What Do Gay Men Want forum this Thursday – should be hhhhhhotttt!

  9. Kjack says:

    input your comment here…

    Another very fun show, guys. You always cover so much territory, it’s difficult to remember what I enjoyed most. Perhaps it’s telling, but I could definitely relate to Jim’s childhood obsession with Isis! See you at the forum on Thursday.

  10. Matty says:

    I was just gonna tell you what my South Korean friend Soo told me about it. Black day is for single people to let others know their single. Its kinda like speed dating mixed with a social club. Its like a way to let other single people know your single. And the single people can ask anyone else who’s single like them out. Its like a free pass for the single nerd to ask out the single cheerleader or the single nerd to ask out the single football jock. 😉 Its the one day out of the year social bariers are ignored and anyone single can ask out anyone else who’s single no mater what their social status. Its usually only the most popular in High schools. Soo has also said in her opinion that “its just stupid and really drepressing for a lot of people in high school like me.” Well thought I would just give ya a little more in depth in sight on that holiday. I will ask her about “Green Day” next time I get a chance to chat with her.

  11. Dang, I can’t get enough of Jim Pickett!

  12. Jonzu says:

    Fausto, Marc, Jim — you guys put the “fun” in Gay Fun Show. I kept doing crazy person giggles on the bus.

    I don’t know about Korea but in Japan the ladies get the short end of the deal. First on Valentine’s Day women need to get chocolates not only for their boyfriends but also the “men” in their lives, i.e. co-workers, etc. These chocolates are known as “Giri-choco” basically “obligation chocolates”. Then on White day, the boyfriend (and just the boyfriend) gives his girlfriend something white, (i.e. marshmellow candies, or white chocolate). So the women are stuck with sickly sweets from one guy; while the men make out like bandits with pretty decent chocoate all day long.

    At least that was what it was like 20 years ago when I lived there. Hopefully some equality has leveled it out.

    As for being Gay, I think it was give whatever you darn well pleased.

  13. Kaleb says:

    Since when is Cougar a new term? I’ve been hearing it for at least 8 years now.

    The gang thing is sad and hilarious all at the same time … interesting how similar it is to how rich, suburban white people raise their children, great comparison Fausto.

    More Jim!

  14. jimberly says:

    Yeah, the cougar lifestyle was just a new concept for ME and obviously, for the FoF.

    I have heard from many people who were like, “Um, hello, where the hell have you been?” and I must say I am a titch mbarrassed to admit that I had never heard of it until the Saturday Nght Live “Cougar’s Den” skit this past weekend.

    I may not be hip, but I sure am hippy!

    Nevertheless, I am now OBSESSED with cougars and their voracious lifestyle – and can’t stop growling….

  15. Surprised there was not a shit-storm of comment re: your little drug use discussion, but pleasantly so. I wanted to thank you guys and especially Jim for having the conversation. I find the unrealistic “just say no” messages unrealistic and frustrating. Thanks for another great show guys!

  16. Jonzu says:

    The April issue of “Instinct” features a humor article on men as Cougars and Kittens. I don’t feel like I’m a Cougar or a Kitten. Guess I’m a Bobcat.

  17. jimberly says:

    Hey all —- on this show, we talked about the “Good” sex, “bad” sex forum at Center on Haslted…. It was last night, the room was PACKED, the Feast of Fools were on fire, the conversation was sometimes hot, sometimes sparkling and definitely pressed a few buttons on more than a few people…. Thanks to all that made it over there, thanks to FoF for superlative hosting and moderating, and look for the podcast in a couple weeks, right boys? In the meantime, if you were there, and had things to say you didn’t get a chance to, or have thought up more stuff that MUST BE SAID, please head over to the LifeLube blog [] a little later today, say noon CENTRAL, and we will have a post there where you can comment, exclaim, bitch, digress, unpack, unload, rejoice…

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