FOF #755 – Sci Fi Movies Every Gay Man Must See

May 6, 2008 · 1985 views

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For many people, seeing the cult-film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” for the first time was a breakthrough. I remember my first time in college hearing about this bizzare film experience where people threw food […]


  1. kennidi says:

    I love love this show! Peaches knows how much I love her! We have talked about Rocky, I used to put on a production of Rocky at my High School every year to open our awards show of our annual Speech and Debate tournament. People loved it, and everyone danced! I always played Columbia, I was so gay! Or was I channeling my trans woman in me! LOL!

    XANADU another movie I love! I am not a fan of science fiction but I look at this as a fantasy! Great songs came out of that movie! I didn’t see it till I was an adult but I loved it! I grew up loving Olivia, so I think Id been perfect for that movie, cuz I am good at rollerskating! They turned it into a broadway musical and I cant wait to see it on stage!!!

    Love the show! I always love hearing Peaches! U go Boys!!!

    Much Love,

  2. Don’t forget that Paul Verhoeven directed Robocop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct which were generally receive if not a tad campy (they were just on the edge)

    Even his bad movies have become camp classics… We should look forward to most anything he does…

  3. PureeTofu says:

    I’m surprised nobody remembered Logan’s Run, which is so campy and has the television bride.

    *Link Fausto?*

    As for ‘Fifth Element’ best line “Chicken gooooood”
    ‘Total Recal’ – “Two weeks”

  4. Pete says:

    i worship at the temple of peaches christ. i’ll have to make the pilgramage to see her when she steps foot in the greater chicagoland area.

    paul verhoeven is a fucking genius and in about a century his films will be on the same level as “citizen cane”, “gone with the wind”, and “breakin’ 2: electric boogaloo”….”starship troopers” is especially underrated and i think it does the equally excellent heinlein book justice.

  5. Derek says:

    Fun show – Peaches is really funny!

    One of my favorite campy sci-fi movies is “Earth Girls Are Easy” with Julie Brown.

    Who knew shaved aliens were so hunky….

  6. Teddy says:

    i love when you guys have Peaches on! Great show.

    Also, i love the 5th element, and laughed out loud when Marc said “multi-pass”

  7. Love multi pass and love Logan’s Run. We really could do three shows on this subject.

  8. Robert says:

    I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show” the night it opened in the Detroit metro area. I was one of 8 people in the theatre and I loved the movie. I saw it again years later at a midinght showing with the tossing of toast and toilet paper, ect and HATED it. Still liked the movie just not all the patron participation.

    p.s. enjoyed todays podcast.

  9. Rickie says:

    Loved the show guys, I never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show, I just added it to Netflix as my next movie to be shipped.

  10. When I first saw Shock Treatment I was like “man this blows”

    But i could not turn away. and I watched it again right away… I kept that disc for almost a month before I sent it back to Netflix. I could not get enough. I can’t say it’s a good movie but Bitch’in in the Kitchen is one of my favorite songs in the world, the whole wide world!!

  11. Pete says:

    WOW. just finished watching Pandemonium on youtube and its much worse than what the guys led on. i managed to get through all the episodes, but you get an idea of how bad it is from the first sequence. it does work as a comedy though. its like the “showgirls” of gay amatuer film. it unfortunately succeeds in making SF and its people look incredibly lame, too.

  12. Did you check out the Gay N****** from Outer Space? That was pretty bad too.

  13. SAL-E says:

    I grew up watching all kinds of movies, but my favorite are the B-movies.
    Flash Gordon is SO HOT! I love the makeup in the movie and you know I lived for the costumes…….One of my High school teachers looked like Flash Gordon. I so had a crush on him.
    I love dressing my husband as Rocky from the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the little gold shorts and nothing else…………They never do not stay on for too long……

    Vegas is Space is a fun campy…………………….OK, I liked the makeup!
    One of the Queens on there is Silky Jumbo’s Drag mom.
    All the movies that you all mentioned are all a MUST SEE if you are a GAY.
    You also need to see all the John Waters films. ALL of them!

    KNOW YOUR GAY CULTURE and you will know what I am always talking about.

    I am so glad that I am not a Drag Queen here in Chicago……………
    According to Fausto they are all More-Ons?
    Let’s see what happens now?
    Love ya

  14. Pete says:

    “Space N!&&@$ from Outer Space” was quite awful as well. I found myself skipping ahead in the video since it was so boring at parts, but at least it has more artistic merit. The filmmakers were unabashedly trying to make an offensive, poorly made film.

  15. Cliff Dix says:

    Well I got to get busy I have only seen half of this list. Although I did see Rocky Horror when I was 13. Was it coincidental that that was when I start fooling around with the neighborhood boy? He was a gorgeous blond tanned boy. I should have made him wear gold short shorts. Seriously seeing that movie and all the hot gay guys attending made me realize I wasn’t alone anymore. It opened up the gay world to me and it was a secret world that most straight people knew nothing about. A secret club that I do not think that really exist anymore. Love Barbarella and Night of the Comet!

  16. SAL-E, you are hilarious and I quite literally LOL’d when I read your comment, especially about VEGAS IN SPACE. Isn’t the make-up to die for? And people wonder why after all these years, the drag queens in San Francisco look like Killer Klowns From Outer Space (another movie we forgot to mention!). There are so many movies still to talk about that I’m hoping I can just keep coming on the show with Marc and Fausto to talk about these loves of mine, these babies if you will, my favoritest celluloid treasures.

    But I digress! I would have posted sooner but I was in Los Angeles doing very show-biz type stuff including meeting up with Elvira for a meeting about some upcoming projects. I’m such a name-dropping whore! Anyhow, I was saying to her that we should plan a show in Chicago together and she seemed T-I-T-illated by the idea.

  17. PupDon says:

    Okay, I’m a day late but I am having such a great time finally listening to this show.

    Rickie, the DVD of Rocky Horror is nice but keep in mind it’s only half of the experience, you really need to go see it in a theater after your first DVD viewing.

    Fun Fact: The painting the inspired the opening credit sequence in Rocky Horror is Man Ray’s Lips over Hollywood.

    I was a cast member in the shadow cast of Rocky Horror in Pittsburgh throughout the 90’s. We were called The Junior Chamber of Commerce Players. I was a regular cast member for three years and then did it on and off again for about 5 more years. I was the regular Dr. Scott but played every part at least once, and did a mean Frank-n-furter, if I do say so myself. I even played Burt Schnick, the Barry Humphres character, when we did Shock Treatment for Halloween.

    Rocky will always have a soft spot in my heart because I made some of my best, life-long friends there. It even had to do with my move to Los Angeles because I moved in with the brother of my best friend whom I met at Rocky when he used to play Eddie. And after moving here I was fortunate enough to meet Richard O’Brien. I was working at a hotel and he stayed there one Halloween and I kept thinking to myself, what do you say to the man who was responsible for so many of the good things that happened in your life. I finally decided that the last thing he needed among all the bruhaha of his role in the local Halloween goings on was the knowledge that one of the Rocky Horror freaks had access to his underwear drawer (some of the fans can get a little creepy), so I opted to pretend like I he was just another guest. In the end we actually had a very nice casual conversation and I was so thrilled to get to spend a few moments with him outside of the typical celebrity/fan arena.

    Little Nell was the manager of a very posh nightclub in the 90’s called “Nell’s” in NYC. In fact, the video for U2’s song “One” was shot there. She has also appeared on the Tracey Ullman show and has done a little acting here and there. She had never put out a full album but in the 80’s had released a handful of 45’s which are coveted collectibles by any die-hard Rocky fan.

    On to Shock Treatment. There is a legend that in order to fully appreciate Shock Treatment you need to see it three times. Everyone I know who is a fan of the movie will attest to this and I’ve heard it said by people who didn’t now each other on several unrelated instances. The thing about watching it now is how much it relates to the current state of television with all the reality shows going on. Brad and Janet are living in their town of Denton, which as been turned into one giant TV studio and who’s residents are all part of either various reality shows or the live viewing audience. Way ahead of it’s time. And where the music of Rocky is a wonderful mix of 70’s glam rock paying tribute to 50’s rock n’ roll, the songs in Shock Treatment are 80’s new wave full force, except for the bizarre “Thank God I’m a Man”, which is a country/western satire on what middle America considers what a real man should be (and when Jane’s father says “Faggots are maggots, thank God I’m a man” the audience in our theater would always shout along and then burst out laughing). Definitely ahead of it’s time and well worth a rental if not a purchase (the new DVD is stunning).

    And lastly, during my days of Rocky Horror/Shock Treatment fanaticism, I made a remix of the song Shock Treatment using different versions of the song and samples from the movie. One of the guys who runs a Shock Treatment fan website made a video for it and it can be seen here:

  18. Don! I am living for your remix right now.

    Also, I’m thinking I really need to look into the possibility of getting Richard O’Brien, Little Nell, and Patricia O’Neil together for a GIGANTIC reunion show. If Tim Curry came, I might just have to kill myself or something I’d be so excited. I’ve heard he distances himself a bit, but you never know!!! Also, do you have any of Tim’s albums? They’re great. Dupuy has a bunch of Nell’s singles and I keep telling him to do a podcast of all the music the RHPS / ST folks did outside of those movies.

    And finally, that “Faggots are maggots” line in Shock Treatment is still shocking and hilarious. I’d almost forgotten about it, but when it came up at the screening I was at- I about lost it! That whole song is incredible.

  19. PupDon says:

    Thank you Peaches. I’m glad you like it. I’ll send you a better quality mp3 of it when I get home from work. I was blown away by that video. When I made the mix I gave a handful of them out to people on cassettes (tells you how long ago that was) and a short while ago I stumbled across this video with my name and remix on it. LOL! What can I say, I’m a supa-star!!! 😛

    I’m a huge fan of Nell’s 45’s. I have most of them either on the original vinyl or at least on mp3. I was quite the avid Rocky music collector. We had Tim Curry’s videos for Paradise Garage and I Do The Rock attached to the beginning of our Rocky reels. A lot of people don’t know they used to have music videos on film. (Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors was in theaters when it was first released with a really cute intro made by her just for the movies.) Every Saturday for many years the Hollywood Theater in Dormont, PA became Dance Party USA as the whole audience got up out of their seats and boogied down with the two Curry videos before the movie started. Ahhh, those were the days.

    I’m so getting ready for my road trip to SF just to see Midnight Mass this summer!!! Looking forward to shaking the spangled covered hand of the incredible Peaches Christ.

  20. If you manage to re-unite the cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show, I’ll fly down for it too Peaches!

    I bet Susan Sarandon would do it in a heartbeat.

  21. defekto says:

    Great to hear Peaches on your show. I’ve had the pleasure of lunching w/ PC and her mom here in Baltimore and she speaks the truth, she is “nice”…still hoping she’ll bring Midnight Mass to Baltimore.

    I will post a Polaroid that I took of Doris Fish in the TastyZine tomorrow. She and Tippi were both such amazing drag icons in SF during the 80s–thank God for Vegas In Space.

  22. PupDon says:

    You know, I just had a stark realization while listening to the part about Xanadu. Sony is an artist who dreams of becoming well known and respected for his art, then Kera comes down from the heavens and convinces him to open a nightclub. Sort of like she was saying, “you’re very talented but… um… why don’t you try something else”.

  23. Fantastic show. I could listen to you guys talk with Peaches on film for days. Scary thing is I know almost all the films mentioned verbatim, even Vegas in Space. Doris Fish and Phil Ford did a trailer for the film where they do a newscast. Doris looks like a Real Doll. I wish someone would put that on youtube. It is so f’ing thrilling that Peaches is part of the FOF community!

    Re: mashups. The greatest mashups I’ve ever heard were in this cesspool of a club in London called Marvelous. Smells Like Missy Elliot (NIrvana and Missy Elliot) and Jolene by Dolly Parton with a Motorhead song. Brilliant stuff!

  24. Dupuy says:

    Interesting guest!

  25. Ohmygod, I just found this MASH UP! That’s what it’s called- a Vegas In Space Mash-Up! It gives you a good idea of what the fantastic drag from the movie looks like. By the way, look for the necklace worn by Ginger Quest (the queen in really GREEN wicked witch make-up). When I did the reunion show a few years ago, Ms. Quest presented me with that very same necklace. It’s actually a bunch of green plastic soda bottle caps strung together with a little rope. Some of her make-up is still encrusted inside of those caps! I felt so honored to be bestowed with such a relic.

    Also, interesting trivia to note is that Miss X (the villain in blue spandex) flew in for the show from Phoenix where she’s now married to a woman and has two beautiful little girls. She’s fascinating and wonderful and watching this mash-up reminds me of what a fun reunion we had.

  26. I tried to embed the HTML for the YouTube clip, but I guess it didn’t work. Lez see if this link works:

  27. Film critique aside…watching this really is a portrait in time of SF.

  28. BrettC says:

    The mash-ups are great! The show was great! Peaches is great!

    Trivial Tidbits for you…
    In BARBARELLA the porn actress who plays “The Great Tyrant” had to have all of her lines dubbed by another actress because her delivery was that bad. They are remaking the film, and supposedly sticking closer to the source material this time around (less lava lamp, more fighting), it was going to be Drew Barrymore but now Rose McGowan is slated in the role. Could be fab! Remember they wanted Drew and Madonna for SHOWGIRLS…

    FLASH GORDON had Richard O’Brien of ROCKY HORROR and SHOCK TREATMENT fame in it as well… he’s a tree man who saves Flash in the swamp. How small the world of bad cinema truly is…

    By the way I love SHOCK TREATMENT. They wanted Tim Curry back to play Bert Schnick, but when he cancelled that’s when they got “Dame Edna”. If you really watch closely there are tons of call outs to ROCKY HORROR in it.

    Yes, how could you guys forget LOGAN’S RUN? I play it for anybody when they turn 30.

  29. OHMYGOD, I totally forgot that Richard O’Brien is in Flash Gordon!

  30. I love the Vegas in Space video. it is so nice to see SF drag before the “Eyebrow Cartel” took over the scene. It seems all the queens in SF have the same gosh darn eyebrows now.

  31. defekto says:

    My Girlinium Gems have been stolen! So great to see that VIS’s been so long since I’ve seen it.

  32. defekto says:

    Oh..I posted a few Polaroids of Doris, Phil Ford and Tippi in the TastyZine today…

  33. Marc! You are purposely trying to drive me crazy with this whole eyebrow thing. Why don’t you just call me fat or something? I think if anything, you can see in Vegas In Space that there is a rich legacy of SF queendom featuring extraordinary brow-lines in all shapes and sizes. The eyebrows in SF showcase diversity. Look at Miss X! Those lines are daring, practically illegal. I’m the first to admit that my make-up is part clown, but to insist that we all look the same is just plain racist.

  34. Sorry Peaches, I know I shouldn’t post after partying it up with Kennidi, Reina and Fausto and I should be more respectful of SF drag. But, there is a SF look with a rich history that we just don’t have here in Chicago and I like to point it out because America is so very homogenous in its dress and style. When things are different it really strikes a chord with me. I love the anomaly.

    I adore you and I adore your look.

  35. reese says:

    More Peaches Christ! I love these episodes! Keep bringing her back! She should really be lecturing on film and gay culture. And she’s got that great quality of being able to communicate her love and enthusiasm.

  36. Ben Consoli says:

    To be honest, I usually prefer what i call ‘cast’ shows over ‘guest’ shows… Cast being the usual SAL-E, AMANDA, TRACY, etc. But Peaches Christ is a wonderful guest. The chemistry between the three of you is great. Peaches excitement and passion for movies is motivating and damn.. that bitch knows her shit.


  37. Marc- I was teasing! I know you aren’t really an eyebrow racist but I had to defend myself and the queens with the high-brow. Oh, wow! I like that. I think I’ll start using that from now on- instead of eyebrows they’re my high-brows.

    Also, thanks to everyone for their sweet comments! Ironically, regarding teaching, I was recently asked to possibly put a course together for city college about cult cinema and camp culture. I don’t think I’m ready to do that, mostly because I’d be tied to the course and would have to turn down out-of-town gigs during the week. However! I’m loving the idea and hope I get the chance to do it someday in the future.

  38. Eric says:

    Really good show guys, Now I have some things to watch when I’m bored with schoolwork. And where is that movie you guys hated on? I’d like to see how horrendous it really came out to be, watching train wrecks never gets old.

  39. all the movies are listed in the show notes

  40. Peaches Christ- superstar!

  41. LOL…wow, so just finished listening…and well, I have to jump up and say I know the mutants from Xmen…thanks to my comic book up-bringing…Yay!

    The “trans” character’s name was Acolyte and her power was the ability to create a targeted shockwave.

    The Asian guy was supposed to be their version of the comic character of Spike, originally Storm’s nephew who has the ability to create bone spurs and throw them.

    The character who can detect other mutants is Callisto, leader of the Morlocks. Though personally, I’d be more interested in the female named Kitty, I mean really…that’s a prelude to lesbianism if I’ve ever heard one. And I’d rather have that hunk who played Colossus come out…yum yum…

    Great show, I love hearing Peaches, more more more, and this makes me want to watch Starship Troopers as I haven’t yet.

  42. I don’t know why gay men seem fascinated with superheroes: musclar outsiders who feel compelled to hide their true identity for if they get caught they feel the would be crucified by the very community they are trying to save. I have no idea!

  43. I know, it seems so difficult to figure out why men and women with superpowers would be running around scantily clad in tight spandex outfits with bulging muscles, and then they hide their real identity to keep from being persecuted for who they are..hmmmmm…no idea at all.

  44. Nidocamen says:

    I disagree with Fausto on The Fifth Element. It was truly an awesome movie. I will say that the Diva scene was kind of out of place, but the whole movie’s story was actually based off of a dream that the writer/director had when he was growing up. Go get the DVD that was released 2 or 3 years ago with all of the behind the scenes stuff in it……very cool stuff! The Fifth Element is probably my most favorite movie of all time 🙂

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