FOF #831 – Noisy Road Trip

Sep 1, 2008 · 1985 views

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We drove up to Saugatuck, Michigan for Labor Day Weekend with Tracy Tyler to chill and hang out at Marc’s cousin’s lovely place. We were excited to go see what all the fuss was all […]


  1. Geostud says:

    I don’t think the noise is bad at all. On the contrary, it supplements the road trip experience. Can’t wait to finish listening to the show tomorrow!

  2. Matt says:

    Great show! Tracy!!! I missed you! Welcome back. 🙂 I love that little kids ask you if your a boy or a girl! (In my opinion your a goregeous woman) I thought I was the only one who gets asked that! Good to know I’m not alone. 😀 Hope yall had fun in SucknF*ck Michigan. 🙂 Loved the audio quality. Geostud is right it really makes it feel all the more like a road trip. 🙂 Great show boys!

  3. filpmire says:

    After hearing how that car ride went, I’m grateful that you guys made it up here in one piece! I’m glad you were able to make it, and that you enjoyed yourselves. We had a blast, and our house (et al) had a great time meeting you all. Glad that Tracy was able to get to the dunes for some “push push in the bush.” Talk to you soon. Take care, Phil (and Jack)

  4. ibox2000 says:

    Fun show guys — at least when “indoor voices” were used. My favorite show featuring Tracy so far. I enjoy her stories, but I don’t like her voice and what comes off as forced laughter.

  5. valhum says:

    Oh God Tracy, i missed you sooooo much!!! Marc and Fauste, never again leaver her >:oX haha.

    Promise me that when i go and visit Chicago i will get to meet you guys :oP I will even bring all the original mexican candy and treats for you :oD

  6. Cliff Dix says:

    I love Tracy! She may be a scary driver but she made it there and back. I love that throughout the show you can hear Marc in the back say things like, “WATCH OUT! and “This is the slow lane.” I hope you guys had a great time. I am sure Tracy helped “Suck’n’F*ck” live up to its name.

  7. Tallguynb says:

    Hey Guys loved the show today! Dont worry about the ambiant noise, it actually helped me feel like i was the 4th passenger in the car! I sent Tracy an email on facebook to see if she’s really crazy enough to let strangers like me on her friends list lol!
    Also heres that pic of Kennidi that Tracy was talking about..

    I gotta agree with you Tracy, she really looks amazing in it!

    Keep up the great work boys! Love your shows, they make my week complete!

  8. Tallguynb says:

    Hmm the pic did not work..

    If it doesnt work this time, heres the link

    Sorry bout that, TG

  9. Rhea says:

    Why do I always get a kick out of Marc saying the words “poking stick”? It’s so cute.

  10. ….also sounds like ‘Suck a Duck’

  11. RcktMan says:

    This was such a fun show. I felt like I was in the car with you guys. I’ve made that trip to Saugatuck so many times I could do it in my sleep. In fact, I have a few times. 😉

  12. What a fun show with Tracy!
    Also felt like I was in the car on the backseat and listen to you guys.

  13. I’m glad you all enjoyed our road trip !!! I’ve been without internet access since Labor Day GLAD it’s finally BACK!!!!!

  14. Phil and Jack I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for a really nice time in Saugatuck!!! You guys are sooo sweet!

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