FOF #936 – Oscarcast 2009

Feb 23, 2009 · 1985 views

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At 81 years of age, are the Oscars getting old and tired or becoming young and vigorous like Benjamin Button? One thing’s for sure, the Oscars are still the Superbowl for the Gays! Today we’re […]


  1. Nidocamen says:

    Great, great show! Love the bit with Deven Green……….totally hilarious!! And speaking of those gift bags, the company I work for, Greek Island Labs, actually had our products in those gift bags!!! We’re in the midst of a big PR campaign these days, I thought it was pretty cool that our products would be in the hands of celebrities! I wish I could come up there for the live show at Steamworks…….but I’m working on being up there for chicago pride!!

  2. Jamie says:

    Did anyone think that Kate Winslet looked like Grace Kelly? I loved her retro-futuristic look. Sort of like Gatica.

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    Peaches and Deven on one show?!? YAY! I love these two ladies from L.A. I love Joel (aka Naked Santa) too. I guess a big night like Oscar night calls for a big show. Snuggies are probably flying off the shelves today. Now we can all look like Tilda Swinton. I was very pleased with the outcome of the Oscars over all. There was a lot of gay kissing in the show. Although I thought it was weird when they did the movie montage for Milk there was brief shot of Braveheart’s Mel Gibson(a blatant homophobe and anti- semite.)
    I wish I was out in Hollywood. I would love to be in that Peaches Christ movie doing “Background.”
    Jamie, I agree. Kate did look very retro old Hollywood. Her hair looked just like Grace Kelly.

  4. GusGus says:

    Great Oscar coverage!! I got teary-eyed when Dustin Lance Black won his Oscar. I was so happy about the speeches that both him and Sean Penn gave in regards to all the hate that needs to stop. I was also on the lookout during the 2008 Romance films montage (spelling?) that they would show scenes from the movie Milk and I was so excited to see that they actually showed a kissing scene. Oh, hilarious outtakes/spoofs by Deven Green and Joel Bryant. I had to rewind the part in which you interviewed Penelope Cruz. I thought that was so funny that I had to ear it over and over again. Great show!!

  5. mary says:

    Great show! HILARIOUS!

    Tilda Swinton looked amazing. Yet scary because all i could think of is her as the ice princess in Chronicles.

    I have to disagree though. I liked this ceremony. I thought Hugh did good with the opening number. The second one with Beyonce and all that was not as great. I mean, she fucking lip synced!

    top 3 hilarious moments: steve martin and tina fey, the mr roboto, and the magic trick/balancing of the award on the chin only because celebrities are easily amused and amazed and hearing the ohhs and ahhs was hilarious.

    I want to know more about this hearing that Robert Downey Jr has fallen of the wagon….

  6. There’s a lot of chat about the Oscars in the forums too!
    Oscars 2009

  7. Kieran says:

    Fausto is right to put Tilda and Bjork together. The only 2 who really stood out and looked fabulous at the academy awards. The rest of them looked like prom queens in party dresses. What is SJP still doing with that horrible smeared down hairdo? Tilda was the only one who could wear couture.

    You mentioned her films but not the fact that she was the muse of Derek Jarman one of the great gay icons who documented his slow death from AIDS in 4 moving diaries. His movies with Tilda as superb. Art house movies, of course. So great to see Penelope Cruz acknowledge Pedro Almodovar another great gay icon and of course win an oscar.

    Deven and Peaches on one program is really fab. Love them both.

  8. ibox2000 says:

    Fun show. I really enjoy Deven and Joel. Keep up the good work.

    However, please be careful about calling the oscars “the gay superbowl”. I don’t give a sweet damn about award shows, celebrities and artsy-fartsy stuff. This was one of the obstacles to me realizing that I’m gay until I was 38 — no non-fem, non-flaming roll-models. I understand that many gays do get excited about oscars, but it’s not all of us. Can I count on you to devote an enthusiastic show to the Stanley Cup finals in June? 🙂 For the record, I don’t give a damn about ‘the str8 superbowl’ either beyond the studs in lycra pants.

    I hope this doesn’t sound like a bitter lecture. That was not my intention.

  9. corey says:

    Deven and Joel’s mock red carpet interviews had me rolling! I’m sure everyone at work thought I was nuts…

  10. Rhea says:

    I’m waiting for the day that you guys and Deven and Joel finally meet in person. It’ll be like a hilarious, sexy explosion!

    @ibox2000: you are such a big lesbian! 🙂

  11. Edmond says:

    I am a listener since December and have not missed a show from you guys. Great shows except the one had Deven Green on it. Sadly, that’s the only show that I have to skip and delete. She is so not funny and listening to her voice and trying so hard to be funny is like sitting in the classroom with the teacher running her nails across the blackboard. I was so looking forward to listen to your Ocsar show and saw her picture on the podcast image. I haven’t finished the show yet but doubt I will be able to sit through another Ms. Green act.

  12. Hi Edmond- We all have different tastes and that’s part of what makes us unique.

    But, even if we didn’t get an overwhelming amount of positive feedbackabout Deven, which we do, we’d still have her on because Fausto and I love her humor and believe in her.

    We book the guests so please be aware that if they are on this show its because we want them here and they want to participate.

    Also, you’ve been a listener since December and the first contact you want to make is to complain? What are you like on a first date?

  13. Edmond says:

    What a way for me to make my first impression on your forum, LOL. I apologize for posting negative comments and this will not happen again. Feast of Fools has brought me a lot of laughter.

    I purchased a season pass of the RuPaul drag race from iTunes after I learned about the show and looking forward to every Monday download of the show.

    I have also enjoyed many other guests on your show. Ongina, Alpana Singh, Greta Christina just name a few.

    P.S. First date or not, I tell it like it is. Not the “best foot forward” kind of guy.

  14. Bravo to Deven Green – always great to hear her quick wit and Peaches is now an Oscar Staaaaaar – Keep up the great work!!

  15. I still vote – Hugh Jackman and Barbra Streisand in the musical movie “Sunset Blvd.”

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