FOF #1144 – Can’t Lose with Bill Cruz

Feb 12, 2010 · 1985 views

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Bill Cruz may have been overlooked for a who’s who list of Chicago comedians, but he impressed the big wigs of comedy so much that next week he’s recording his debut comedy album “Bill Cruz: Athletic Supporter.”

Join us as we chat with Bill about surviving the underwhelming aftermath of the earthquake in Chicago and the unsettling new Facebook’s redesign. Plus: Aretha Franklin eats candy, condoms for Owls and Celine Dion steals Cyndi Lauper’s spot in We are the World 25 for Haiti.


  1. Kieran Daly says:

    Can’t wai. Bill is very funny and very quick

  2. DaveB says:

    Whoopie! You guys have great chemistry. Welcome back Bill.

  3. Wayne says:

    Hi Guys, is this the guy that left the skid down the duvet?

  4. No, that was someone else!

  5. Can you do this in Farmville?

    Russia farmer convicted of planting landmines in field

    A Russian farmer has been convicted of planting landmines around his field to ward off trespassers.

    Alexander Skopintsev, from the eastern region of Primorye near China’s border, laid the three devices on his land after building them in his garage.

    The 73-year-old had apparently been concerned about the frequent theft of potatoes from his farm.

  6. webby686 says:

    if i remember right from my 8th grade earth science, earthquakes in the mid-west aren’t from fault lines but rather from earth being compacted because of the weight of the glaciers that once covered the plaines during the last ice age. it’s like a sponge being pushed down, and then an earthquake occurs when there is a sudden release of pressure or readjustment. again, this is my recollection a decade later, so may need more verification. 🙂

  7. Omg Fausto and Bill were just feeding off each other. I was literally cracking up at the gym. All the best success to Bill. He deserves it!

  8. Andy says:

    Bill is my favourite guest so far. It was always so much fun when he is on the show!
    He is definitely one of my Top 20 comedians.

  9. Somehow this episode didn’t get downloaded to my ipod so i just got to listen to it. You mentioned me! Thanks 🙂
    Bill is hilarious. It was fun to see him perform when I was in Chicago last month.

  10. and yeah, you would not eat iguanas lol I’ve never even seen one. Gila monster, maybe except they are poisonous. 🙂 You’ll feast on delicious Mexican food here.

  11. Juantana says:

    hey guys – I heard the reason that Anderson Cooper’s guns are looking so hot is not because he is working out more but because he has started shopping at Baby Gap for those black t-shirts.

  12. Bill Cruz says:

    Thank you guys soooo much. I always have a ball with Marc and Fausto! We Just Laugh and Laugh! Come check us all out at Steamworks in March. And if you just cant wait, come on out to my 1st comedy album recording this sunday. And if you cant, please!!!! tell a friend.

  13. Love you guys! Wish I was there to come see your show Bill, sadly I’ll have to wait until the CD comes out. Which of course I’ll buy! Ay dios mio!!! LOL

  14. Sticky! (earwax consistency). Gotta luv Bill Cruz. You guys are great!

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