FOF #1276 – Why It Gets Better Isn’t Good Enough

Oct 21, 2010 · 1985 views

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There is no argument that the “It Gets Better” campaign is a runaway success with literally thousands of people coming forward to speak about their experience being abused as teenagers

Today Damon L. Jacobs, therapist and author joins us to take a look at other ways we can help prevent teen suicide and make lasting changes in our community.


  1. jai smith says:

    So I wanted to comment that I enjoyed this show extremely….It was so Oprahaesque!!!!
    “I LOVED IT” (* in screaching Oprah voice)

  2. Andy says:

    Very good show. I think Damon should share his knowledge and should give us more advices. Therefore he should be on the show more often. 🙂

  3. Derek says:

    I enjoyed this show and completely agree with Damon Jacobs.

    When the anti-bullying campaigns (did Ellen’s first video predate “It Gets Better”?) first started I agreed with the bit about trying to stop the bullies in school from doing what they’re doing but . . . How does that help the kids that now won’t have that experience? Part of growing up is learning how to deal with all situations positive and negative.

    If you remove the bullies from someone’s youth you’re only prolonging when they’ll finally be exposed to it. If they don’t have experience in how to deal with this how will they deal with it later in life? Besides eliminating bullies starts with the parents of bullies who may or may not know or care that their child is a bully.

    As someone who used to volunteer to help suicidal and depressed people over the internet years and years ago (back in the days when ICQ was new and 56k dialup modems roamed the Earth) I also agree with the point that suicidal people not necessarily being helped by something like it gets better . . . When someone decides they’re going to off themselves . . . Seeing videos telling them “Don’t worry baby, it gets better” probably won’t help much.

    What I did find helped some people (IF they were receptive and only temporarily in some cases) is humor. The video where they pulled the three second clip of Amanda Lepore out of the That Was Me PSA video and put it on YouTube . . . I think that clip standing on it’s own may help people more than watching someone drone on about their story. Why? It makes them laugh. Hopefully lifts their mood long enough to realize that they do need help of some sort and will seek it out.

    None of that was to say that those videos are worthless. I think they’re very valuable and will help many people through their funk . . . I also think that they’ll possibly help some of the anti-GLBT people out there see that we’re people too.

I liked the bit about the holidays too. I *HATE* having it dictated to me what I should be doing. I should get the perfect gift. I should open my gifts at 7am Christmas morning. I should see the entire family for dinner. I’m more into random gift giving and randomly making plans to see people. I just think some people take the holiday season way too seriously.

  4. Mr. Jacobs isn’t just adorable, he’s smart!

  5. Not only absolutely adorable, but smart too!

  6. MAX POWERS says:

    Damon was great!!!!

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