FOF #1400 – Stick It in Me

Jun 21, 2011 · 1985 views

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For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has been sticking it in people to cure what ails them but it’s only been recently that acupuncture has started to catch on in the rest of the world.

Today we’re talking to our friend Michael Oliphant a comedy writer who took his life on a different course five years ago when he started to study acupuncture. He’s given up the late nights telling jokes in smoky bars for an office where he pokes willing patients to help them heal.


  1. Avatar colaboy29 says:

    Great show, guys! I went to an acupuncturist for two or three visits. Unfortunately her “bedside manner” was very unprofessional so never continued the sessions. If I can locate a good practitioner near me I am interested in trying it again.

  2. Avatar Nathaniel says:

    Michael is totally right about comedy. The most creative times in my life were the times I was most depressed. Pain is a source of creative energy. Talk to anyone who knows comedians, and they will tell you that comedians have demons. It’s to the point where I just assume that anyone who is overly exuberant or funny is masking some deep inner pain.

  3. Avatar Cassio says:

    Excellent show as always, very funny too. I was surprised when you mentioned my name at the show! I wasn’t really expecting that and it made me laugh in excitement, specially when you were wondering if I was the ambassador (which Im not lol)! I listen to the show almost everyday and I love it, so it felt great to “appear” on an episode! Please don’t cancel the show!!!


  4. Avatar mododavid says:

    I’m calling BS and bias on most of the “medical” stuff. Also, “energy” isn’t a religious or new age term. It’s misuse is inaccurate like most scientific terms applied to new age stuff, but so is any scientific term used by new age practitioners.

  5. Avatar Leon says:

    Thank you for answer the question! I enjoyed the show 🙂

  6. Avatar Barrett says:

    Interesting show.

    I feel like I may have met Michael before? (Michael if you’re reading: Do you ever introduce yourself by your last name?)

  7. We’ve actually been doing acupuncture on one of our dogs recently 😀 She’s a dachshund and has been having back problems and our vet recommended doing acupuncture instead of surgery, since once you cut, it can create more issues/pain/reduced mobility. Ellie (my dog) clearly was very nervous about it and really didn’t like having to be so still for 30 minutes, but she was pain-free for over a week and it was a very nice ride back home! For the second treatment (last Friday), she was even better and actually started falling asleep during the acupuncture. It’s not an ongoing thing though as we’re only supposed to have 4 treatments, one each week. So far though, it seems to be working for her. It makes me wonder if my father, who had kidney cancer when I was a freshman in college and had a kidney removed, would benefit from acupuncture, as he has terrible “phantom pains”, where he feels a lot of pain in the area where they removed the kidney, and it has decreased his mobility. Thanks a lot for this episode! It was really applicable to where I am right now mentally 🙂

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