FOF #1888 – Outrageous Moments in Horror Films

Oct 30, 2013 · 1985 views

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Horror films are inherently ridiculous– besides the notion that whenever teenagers have sex they have to be immediately killed by a supernatural monster, the idea of a sustained drama where dread and tension are rolled into moral themes seems over the top.

But like cheesy haunted houses, people can’t get enough of their favorite horror films. Today’ we’re on a double date with Peaches Christ and Brian Sweeney talking about outrageous moments in horror films.


  1. I can’t wait for Peaches and Brian to go on a real date! Brian is one of the funniest people I know – that guy you had on who was voted “Chicago’s Funniest” with his stupid blackout story was not funny at all!

  2. great to finally have Brian and Peaches on the same show! I knew it would happen someday.

    Great showw, the horror movie genre has always been my fave genre, although I’ve BARELY seen any horror genre movies that have come out in the past decade, so man of them are rip offs of the classics, remakes, or are just plain shitty and rely on gore porn and “jump scares” to frighten audiences.

    I can vouch for Fausto on Poltergeist 2 though. I’ve seen that movie only once, but it was when I was a kid and it freaked the shit out of me, that scene where father pukes out the worm that turns into the humanoid demon worm thing is still so memorable, as is the evil priest dude. I’ve seen the first one multiple times, and I think the sequel relied a lot more on quick shots of disturbing and scary imagery, I mean, if I remember correctly, the majority of the movie consists of the evil priest tormenting the family with scary stuff until the finale

    of course, when you are a kid, most horror movies will scare the shit out of you, a child’s perspective on what’s scary is totally different from an adult’s. There was a period of time where my dad would take me and my lil bro to Blockbuster and we would rent all the horror classics. Even though a lot of them scared the shit out of me, I still enjoyed them and wanted to watch more of them. My favorite movie to this day is The Shinning. I could never get tired of watching that film

  3. Here’s a list of horror movie recommendations. The ones that have “(NF)” are currently streaming on Netflix.

    A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)
    The Exorcist
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    Re-Animator (NF)
    Evil Dead (NF)
    Evil Dead II (NF)
    Dead Alive
    The Blair Witch Project
    Scream (NF)
    The Descent
    Paranormal Activity
    Session 9 (NF)
    Dread (NF)
    Dawn Of The Dead
    Frozen (2012) (NF)
    Let The Right One In (NF)
    The House Of The Devil (NF)
    Slither (NF)
    The Cabin In The Woods (NF)
    Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil (NF)


    Supernatural (NF)
    American Horror Story (NF)

  4. cassiofm says:

    Hey guys, great show as always! Thanks for reading my email, it was hilarious! And also very helpful. Loved the voices the Fausto did when reading about the trips lol, loved the banter in general!
    Brian, wow, you are not just very funny but you give some very good advices! Thanks guys, it really helps, love you guys! 🙂

  5. Another great ‘show’, guys. I wish I could join in with the banter! So much fun – keep serving the delights.

  6. I was interesting in hearing the gay subtext of Nightmare on Elm Street II, largely because I recall going to see the movie at the cinema and thinking it was diabolically bad. Now I’m going to have to give it a re-run to see if my ‘since awoken self’ can relate to the anguish and torment of being a homosexualist. Fun!

  7. rdowney says:

    I loved listening to this show though I have NEVER been a fan of horror films. However, I LOVE listening to people who have a passion for something! You guys have made me curious about so many titles that I do really want to watch them. I looked up Fright Night on Netflix, and as soon as I saw the poster, I remembered it being out in theaters. That cloud with the vampire face is scary!

    One summer, 1979, my friend and I decided we’d do horror films. They scared the shit out of me, but the one that made me leave the lights on was Amityville Horrow. (I remember when The Exorcist came out I was in high school and it seemed too real to me for the same reason Marc gave – just reading about it scared me.) A few years later, Aliens scared the crap out of me too – as Fausto mentioned, it was that creepy little infant monster sloppily running around on the floor that gave me the shivers. My partner saw Halloween and said he loved it. Maybe he’ll watch it with me. Another friend told me to try Scream, said it’s a fun and different kind of horror film. I had to turn it off after the first 15 minutes!

    My favorite question you guys put to Brian and Peaches was what’s the film that really scared you! I promise to try some of your recommendations. (On another note, perhaps I’d better get caught up and watch Showgirls first before someone takes my gay card away from me.)

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