IMAGE: Lady Gaga is Paul from the Wonder Years

Oct 10, 2010 · 126482 views

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A Facebook group Lady Gaga is really Paul from The Wonder Years has popped up, revealing that the Costumed One really is Paul from The Wonder Years.


  1. matt cameron says:

    funny . . . i always thought paul had talent. guess it was all spent by the time he made up this lady gaga thing.

  2. SarahH says:

    OMG they all look like each other!

  3. Fuckin Hot Dude says:

    I think Lady GoGo is Paul and plus I also think she has a penis. Plus, it’s probably at least 7″. If not more. That means I’d sleep with her because I’ll sleep with you unless you’re less than 7″. In which case, NEXT

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