Roman Catholics Protest Together With Fascists Against Kiss-in Fascists in Lyon

May 19, 2010 · 1985 views

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Gay rights activists staging a mass “kiss-in” to protest homophobia faced off with Roman Catholic protesters late Tuesday outside Lyon cathedral in southeastern France. About 200 gay campaigners gathered outside the cathedral were heckled by […]


  1. Andy says:

    Ups, I made a mistake. The right headline should be “Roman Catholics Protest Together With Fascists Against Kiss-in in Lyon”. Don’t know how to edit it, sorry.

  2. crazy combination of homophobia, but very true…

  3. Redblue44 says:

    It’s always beautiful to see French men kissing each other.

  4. LG says:

    It was a nice “Freudian slip” your title, I’d say, since this gays who want to impose their kiss-in in sacred places are no different from fascists. They want to end freedom of speech, you cannot crrticize an homossexual, or you would be an homophobe and, as such, must be jailed!

    THEY are the real fascists.

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