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FOF #262 – The Eroticism of Fascism

The rapturous beauty in the tragic story of two young men in a Nazi training academy took our breath away last night! We’re talking about the Denis Gansel film “Napola” (Before the Fall) which takes […]

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FOF #261 – Interview with the Astrologer

Are you controlled by Uranus? What kind of sway does that freaky seventh planet from the sun hold over your sexuality? Maybe your a butch dyke because your Venus and your Moon collide? Just how […]

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FOF #260 – Does the Red Carpet Match the Drapes?

Gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain unfortunately did not sweep the Oscar awards last night. However it did win three awards: • Best Director- Ang Lee • Best Adapted Screenplay- Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana • […]

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FOF #259 – Naked Love

One fine day, Debbie Moore and her lover Nina decided to see what would happen if they went for a walk around the block naked arm in arm. What they discovered deeply impacted both of […]

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FOF #257 – Hot Bytches Only

Girlfriend, we’re so proud and happy to announce our first major sponsor, HBO! HOT BYTCHES ONLY! They are doing a brand new show “Big Love” which sounds fabulous. Please make sure to click on the […]

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FOF #258 – Feifdom of Freakishness

One of the most lovable podcasters, Amanda Steinstein joins us today to talk about Domino’s Pizza founder Thomas S. Monaghan desire to build a ultraconservative town free of gays, pornography, drugs, and probably non-Catholics called […]

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FOF #256 – Openly Clay

Victoria Lamarr and Marc Felion put their comedic skills and their southern accents to work to recreate the infamous recent Clay Aiken alleged sex scandal. This little sketch is based on details that Jon Paulus, […]

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FOF #255 – Messin’ with a Military Man

Although his real name isn’t Jefferson Austin, Fausto’s fabulous fan from the burbs of Chicago looks like many a person’s porn star dreamboat. In order to protect his secret identity we gave him an alias/porn […]

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FOF #254 – A Cure Worse Than the Disease

A free form song improv takes Fausto, Marc and V-Marr into a deep discussion on pot smoking and treating depression. Is the legality of marijuana in the U.S. hinder the development of new safe treatments […]

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FOF #253 – Victoria vs. the Victory Church

She’s back! The most beautiful woman (on the internet) Victoria Lamarr returns to razzle and dazzle us with her sordid tales of urban life, love and living with full blown AIDS. Yesterday Miss Vicki and […]

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