FOF #643 – Move Over

Nov 5, 2007 · 1985 views

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Move over Larry Craig! Scandal just got a new best friend: conservative, closeted State Rep. Richard Curtis. (NOTE: We apologize for getting his political job confused on the show, he’s not a Senator folks. My […]


  1. Neezil says:

    Thanks for the shout out. You guys are more than welcome should you ever want to come to Taiwan.

    Regarding the rabbit temple article in the Taipei Times: a gay writer from the States wrote into the editorial section a few days later complaining that the rabbit god belittles gays because it marginalizes them.

    I disagree with that. I just think it’s good fun. It’s just something people here can embrace and have fun with, or take seriously if they are of a religious bent.

    The burning money thing here drives me crazy. On burning days the pollution gets really bad. Picture hundreds of thousands of people and businesses burning money on the street. This happens once or twice a month, and even more often during ghost month when the ghosts need to be appeased so they don’t cause trouble for people. Ghost month means black skies and air filter masks.

  2. Note to self: Don’t molest it steals futures

  3. Maybe those shrimp are radioactive like the spider that gave Peter Parker his special powers. Too bad shrimp don’t bite! You could be running around in your skin tight blue super FOF hero suit!!!
    Just make sure that suit has a trap door in the front so you can invert your nemesis and make him take that super cock. All that blood rushing to your crotch and his head. FYI it’s hotter than it sounds. Give it a whirl!

    Did I hear “Turkish wrestling is hot!”? Please elaborate.

  4. Gary T says:

    I went to a Hell House in New Orleans a couple weeks ago. They could never get one of those open in California. They aren’t wheelchair accessible and the maze was too narrow if you are a plus sized person. When we got out of the maze, a masked person chased us away with a real running chainsaw. Anyplace other than there I think they would get sued out of existence.

    Good show guys. It’s the year of the Republican gay sex scandals. It seems like that should be a daily segment.

  5. GRW144 says:

    In case you haven’t seen the Battle of Hercules at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, grab your nuts and go see it!!! It’s the most homoerotic sculpture in Italy!

    [Editor’s note: here’s a picture of the sculpture]

  6. JoshPoz says:

    OMG! I see that Cody has added FoF to his MySpace friends. 😛

  7. Ventura79 says:

    I love the shows where you guys talk current events! it makes me feel so learned! and yes Fausto, I also must remind myself not to molest cute young high school studs at the gym LOL! great show! MUAH !

  8. Fausto And Marc: I agree sometimes you do have to spice up a relationship creatively. Fausto in a hand Stand!! LOL 😉 Speaking of Hand Stands

  9. groggy says:

    Maybe all these republicans are secret agents of The Gay Lobby with a mission to compromise Republicans Party. What a sacrifice…

    I don’t understand the standing 69 part… You would have to have really long hands Fausto, or… hm… Anyway, I’ll be waiting for an educational vidio on show me now.

  10. RcktMan says:

    It gives me such joy to hear of another Republican ‘gay-hating’ loudmouth being caught with his pants down– literally– with a young twinky boy. At least he has good taste.

    Thanks for the… whistle-out? Is that what we’re calling it now? Seems little Shia was just having a bit too much fun on his 21st birthday. Sheesh… on my 21st birthday I was with my family. And my first big drink? Bailey’s Irish Cream. I am such a dork. 🙂

  11. Hammy05 says:

    I’m dunzo with closeted gay-Republicans getting caught in bathrooms. Those stories don’t even amuse me anymore But DAYUM that Cody Castagna is one FABULOUS hottie. Where can I get me some of that??? LOL J/k, I got my own wonderful husband! What was with the turkish wrestling comment? I’m lost on that one too!

  12. Cassiano says:

    Ta Yeh save the Feast of Fools!
    Everyone gets the animals they deserve! A Rabbit God is just perfect!
    Love you guys!

  13. AHAHAHA… Hell house… such ridiculous crap. How was it Gary? Did you get some good laughs from it’s absurdity?

    Groggy, the standing 69 doesn’t require a handstand, as the upside-down person can lean against the right side up person (though there are other variations). I’m also intrigued by your “gay secret agent” theory… that would be sad and hilarious if it were true.

    I’m starting to agree with Hammy about the “outing of republicans” … now it’s just sad and pathetic.

    Great show as usual guys! Can’t wait for the next one in about 6 minutes (since it’s 11:54 pm)

  14. hehehe fun show. lots of interesting news.. *nod nod*

  15. I can’t get enough of the outed closeted republicans. Each story is more and more ridiculous.

  16. Michael says:

    Fasuto and Marc, that was one of the funniest shows. I nearly drove off the road on my bike this afternoon, from laughing so hard. Much love!

  17. groggy says:

    Fausto and Marc, you should warn people against listening to FoF and driving to avoid a potential lawsuit.

  18. lis says:

    Great show but what an awful whistle! I was moaning in pain and tearing the earphones off in the bus. You know what was the worst part? It reminded me of a dentist’s drill, and even worse than that, I started listening to the show as I was making my way to the dentist with a tootache. Ouch!

  19. Chris says:

    Hey! Been listening to your show for a couple of weeks now and love it. First time comment so here goes!

    The Taipei Times article about the Rabbit god was very interesting! I remember when I was studying in Beijing, China, Rabbit (兔子) was a slang for gay people — I asked around and it seems that since rabbits multiple so quickly, it must be the metaphor for how gay people mate…I didn’t know they made it into a shrine/god now!

  20. hey guys, about the bacon, i can’t stress enough that is bad news for a CANADIEN! LOL
    but Marc is right it is the nitrate in process food. So far slice roast beef by Piller have no nitrate.

    OH and you can pray for me y’all, I’m a rabbit, hee hee, 1963!

    LOve YOu!

  21. Hey! That was pretty funny, hearing Fausto impersonate me on today’s show…. so y’all think I sound like that, huh? LOL That was cute of you. My friend Licia once described the way I talk as typical “Academia del Perpetuo Socorro” speak (that’s the school I went to in Miramar, a neighborhood in San Juan, Puerto Rico) but I really think it sounded more like CPN (Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas)–the premiere all-girls school that of course I didn’t go to. Oh well.

  22. SAL-E says:

    I love Gingers………………….pronounced GIN-JA’s

    and Hookers that get caught…………………..Get your Coin up front!
    No Trade without getting Paid!
    Love ya

  23. bowdownza says:

    thank god for your explanation of the photophosphurescent bacteria. Me and my boyfriend saw this on the beach in mexico one night and I suspected it was somekind of plankton or animal but we were really freaked out at the time. It was like hundreds of tiny green blue lights all over the shore.
    One of life’s mysteries revealed…999more to go…

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