SHOW #15 – Halloween Montage

Nov 2, 2007 · 1985 views

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Here is a quick and dirty video montage of the Chicago North Halsted Street Halloween Parade we took two nights ago. Check out the fabulous street dancers at the end of the video. More to […]


  1. RcktMan says:

    I love it! There was SOOOOO much more… but I think you got the best of the best. I had such a great time with you all. 🙂

  2. Gary T says:

    Amanda looked wonderful!!!

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    Crazy!!!! I love the dance-off, Amanda’s furry friend, and the Koreans. Rick, I agree with the guys next year you have to wear a costume.

  4. Maia says:

    Oh, I love it! I was home sick on Halloween, so I’m so happy to see that I can get the parade delivered, just like my pad thai.

    Fausto’s hijinks with the Korean students had me laughing so hard!!! oh my… sigh…

  5. Ben says:

    Wow! Great video guys!

  6. Amanda looked ravishing Gary! The Korean students really were awesome. Maia, is hi-jinks spelled with a hyphen or not? I can’t remember…

  7. Haha, I love it. You guys are hilarious.

  8. RcktMan says:

    I could have been Fausto and Marc’s vampire Geisha girl. Dammit! Why do I always think of these things after the fact? 😉

  9. Maia says:

    Fausto, I’m not sure, so I just looked it up…
    Hi-res and hi-fi are hi-fi-nated.
    Hijinks is NOT!

    Woo hoo! Take that, fifth grade spelling bee! I was SO robbed.

  10. That was really awesome! I love those Koreans. Didn’t you think that guy was going to kiss Fauto? Hot, doncha think?

  11. That Korean boy who was biting Fausto was hot… though not as hot as the random black guy at the end… he was snexy!!!

  12. Rick, your costume was perfect! You were disguised as a normal gay guy on Halsted Street…something NO ONE ELSE WAS WEARING!

    I wish you ALL could have been there. I mean, it was already pretty crowded, but if I could find Rick in that riot, we all could have found each other.

    Next year?


  13. Henry says:

    the pimpin’ yellow duster was something else and to answer the question – i’ll take the $40 dollar t-shirt… fausto was hilarious interacting with the koreans. Marc and his squeamish reaction to nasty drippin-soap tastin- flake blood.. ha! thanks for sharing in the experience. i didn’t full get the “and i wear my hair in a ponytail ” dance off…

  14. Katers says:

    hehe That Korean guy that kept trying to bite you, Fausto, was really hot! 😛 Lucky… haha

  15. The guy at the end of the video told me he identified as a vampire. I asked him if he drank blood and he said yes. I told him to be safe and “homogenize the blood” to kill any viruses or bacteria in them. It was pretty wacky overall!

    Those kids were having a dance-off at the parade, when the cops came and broke it up. Weird.

  16. He can suck my blood any time… grrrrowl!

  17. Who me? I only drink homogenized blood.

  18. I meant the guy at the end of the montage… but you can join in Fausto

  19. Superboy says:

    Loved the video guys! So funny, with a sexy twist.

  20. Zara says:

    Awww the Korean Harry potter so fancied Fausto 🙂 and you can just hear Marc cackling from behind the camera the hole time- hilarious 😀

  21. P says:

    nice fangs, fausto

  22. DKMPLS says:

    Great video! I loved Peter Pimp and Scanker Bell. Let it to the queers to pervert the classics!!

  23. Marc’s laughter in the background as Fausto was talking with those Korean tourists just made me burst out laughing. You guys are so goofy I LOVE it!

  24. SAL-E says:

    I can not Believe that you all missed me in Action up the street……………………..I was one Block up in Front of Hydrate with Teri Yaki , Vanity Fare, and JoJo Baby. I was kinda hard to miss standing on a stage with a microphone doing the commentary of the Parade and passing out cookies and hot apple cider. Well, there is always Next Year.

    You all saw Scanker bell……………….Trust me get a shirt. She tried one on and like that Landed her men left and right. She now goes door to door telling people how these shirts changed her life.
    Now would I make something like this up?

    I was Horrified to hear that there was NO Halloween out in the Castro.
    I would love to throw a little Halloween Party out there…………… know for those of you that would like to per-tend it was Halloween Night all over again. It would be for all those of you that did not get a chance to dress up, or be that one character that you really wanted to be. Perhaps found a way to perfect the costume that you wore this year or some years before…………. you get the point.
    It would be like a Second Chance of that Special Night. AND IT WOULD HAVE TO BE A COSTUME ONLY EVENT. NO COSTUME GO HOME! The whole fun is dressing up and having fun with it. Am I crazy?

    Love ya

  25. Skanker bell!? Wow, thats a new level of skank. Love it! I wish Sal was there.

  26. We must have missed the press release! Seriously, post on the site when and where you’re going to be so not just us, but everyone can find out ahead of time and come see you!

    I agree, I think everyone should wear a costume if they go to a costumed event.

  27. This is a great video! Looks like you had a wonderful time at Chicago’s Halloween parade! Miss Amanda Steinstein’s purple friend was very cute! So were the Spartans, Peter Pimp, and the Korean guys, and of course our lovely funny hosts Marc and Fausto (thanks for the photos on Flickr!). The police car breaking up the vogueing children at the end was an uncanny reminder about how what happened in San Francisco’s Castro this year can also happen elsewhere…

  28. To be fair, the cops weren’t breaking up the dance party…they were warning us that they were opening up the streets again to traffic. In addition to being the heart of Boystown, Halsted Street is also, well, you know, a STREET. They started taking down the fences as soon as the parade was over, and once the costume contest was over, streets got opened. We just happened to be in the middle of it.


  29. Looks like you had so much fun. One of the Korean guys was really cute !

  30. I just checked the photo set on Flikr…

    Fausto, were you a member of Starfleet dressed as a Mongolian invader?

  31. Michael says:

    That was an awesome video. Thanks Rick to shooting so well. Marc, Fausto, and Amanda look great!!! Sorry I missed all the fun. There’s always next year!!

  32. I was a mongolian vampire, and then later on changed to a starfleet science officer, species unknown.

  33. Coale says:

    The perfect reason to be a Vampire: getting to neck everyone you see (especially in photos!). Good costume it looks like you put a lot of effort into making it.
    Ack, this comment is a week late (lame), but I was slow on the update with your podcast.

  34. Here’s the video on Revver and Yahoo!

  35. Iam a little behind on my listing and watching of FoF. You guys look awesome!!! Thank you so much for the shows!

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