FOF #659 – Going to the World of Chocolate

Nov 30, 2007 · 1985 views

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Amanda Steinstein has chocolate on her mind! We capture today our harried and hurried journey from our home in Andersonville to dowtown Chicago as we prepare ourselves for one of the most delicious and fabulous […]


  1. Avatar Barbara says:

    I could do with some chocolate cake.

  2. Avatar Benjamin says:

    A nice little ‘cast! It’s always good to hear from Amanda. She’s my favourite after all.

    If everyone here ever finds there way up to good ol’ Edmonton, Alberta, be sure to check out Kerstin’s Chocolates. ( She makes some really, really quality chocolate that is worth going out of your way to get.

  3. Avatar HexiJosh says:

    Jealousy. I feel the need to run to Pubelix and get some Ritter Sport.

  4. Avatar Maia says:

    “purple snakeskin suit”??? Can’t wait to see the video!

  5. Avatar Gary T says:

    Yea! Amanda!

    Didn’t you see the “Planet of the Apes” remake in 2001? Apes can’t swim. LOL

    On the health care issue, I’ll start off by saying I agree with you, our system is “F”d up. That said, I don’t know if turning over my health care choices to the same government that took care of the people in New Orleans & Mississippi after Katrina, or the government that is running operations in Iraq, or the government that is taking care of all the thousands of wounded veterans, or the government that is watching after all the money we have put into Social Security, is a good idea. They haven’t shown me they can do much right yet. Again, I don’t have the answer, but I don’t really want my government taking care of my health care or knowing every intimate detail of my health care.

  6. I am so amused listening to you drive around, it makes me remember when i am in chicago, and driving around lost.

  7. Avatar Cliff Dix says:

    I always love the on location podcast. I always love Amanda. And of course I always love Marc and Fausto. I can not wait to eat all my chocolate while listening to the World of Chocolate podcast.
    A-men, A-women, and A-Tranny

  8. How funny that you recorded while driving around in your car! I love it. My husbear and I like to go shopping in Chicago. We usually end up making a weekend out of it. The purple snakeskin outfit sounds hot hot hot!

  9. Love the pod cats althou it was so short can wait to see the video from the world of chocolate

  10. Avatar Roke says:

    I LOVE CHOCOLATE. I love it almost as much as I Love Cock. But chocolate can’t get me to cum. That’s what my beautiful sexy hunky husband is for. And I can’t have chocolate everyday. Hot sex is healthier when you have it everyday. It releases endorphins, relaxes and revives you at the same time. And licking melted chocolate on a man’s body is even better. Everyone should try it at least once.

  11. Avatar J.S. says:

    I can’t wait to sit down with a nice Choco-martini and watch the video! I loved the turn by turn directions too, almost made me feel like I was riding along….in the trunk.. ;oP As for the Ms. Puerto Rico incident….working as a DJ in one of Knoxville TN’s biggest Gay Clubs…and dealing with three to five pageants a year, I got to see and hear it all. Fist fights after the pageants, super-glue in pad locks that were protecting the “jewels”…lol…I even heard about shaved glass in the face powder, but then again, nothing really surprises me after working there. >:O) But I’d do it all over again, and wouldn’t change a second of it. As for whether I think she could have done it…well, some of those girlz spend their lives leading up to it, so anything really is possible.

  12. Avatar Mikey Dee says:

    This show was soooo short..but I thought the furry friend chat was interesting. I acually dressed up as a giant onoin at this festival by me. It was fun, besides the drunk rednecks that would molest me. I feel bad for the gorilla man who almost drown…people are stupid sometimes and cross the line. Can’t wait to see the video…i got my chocolate from halloween still so i can munch on it while i watch! love yall

  13. Avatar Mikey Dee says:

    Oh I forgot, Happy World AIDS Day. I will try to send you pictures of the display I made at my school. Love you guys, stay safe!

  14. Great show as always, i cant wait to see the videos you guys post. by the way, i was looking at some recent videos and let me say that you two are getting in GREAT SHAPE! I hope you guys see the difference because i can, your arms are bigger and you both look FABULOUS!

    Anyways, let me know when you guys are in the northeast, BIG HUGS

    Zach 馃檪

  15. Avatar xio says:

    Nice show i liked it. Loved the fact that i had my ipod turned up to load and amanda got in the car and screamed and i almost went deaf hihi i laughed and turned the volume down. Good times.
    Can’t wait for monday’s show

  16. woo! furrys! I know a lot of women furrys. A few are actually headaro. 馃槢

  17. Avatar bowdownza says:

    wow you address all three of my homesick blues
    Amanda’s new yawk accent (my hometown_
    chicago and the gays (second home)
    and the furbies (my secret crush)

  18. Cute show!! But one Question is it me or does Amanda 2 distinct voices? It seemed to me that she at fist when you picked her up didn’t realize that you were taping and sounded one way, and then when she realized she was being recorded changed her voice to a higher pitch and more nasal.. Maybe it is just me…. I get a kick out of that!! 馃檪

  19. Avatar Reneecamp says:

    Is there a photo of Amanda in her purple suit??

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