FOF #724 – Rejuvinating Orgasms

Mar 17, 2008 · 1985 views

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Feel like screaming in ecstasy? Go ahead. Moaning in pleasure doesn’t just feel good, it may actually be good for you. An article about orgasms from the Russian news website Pravda sheds some light into […]


  1. Teddy says:

    i about spit out my coffee when Sal-E said \”release the pressure.\” Great show guys.

  2. Pete says:

    i\’ve been telling people that SAL-E was dressed a leprechaun, but i see the bellhop look now that he mentioned it. either way, he looked STUNNING, as did everyone up there. but i think Fausto and Marc were way hotter than vinnie was. don\’t get me wrong, vinnie has a great body and is ruggedly handsome, but F&M are the kind of guys you take home to meet your mother.

    i\’ve been a fan of Stuff White People Like for a while. it\’s so right on with yuppie culture. EVERYTHING on that list can be witnessed by just walkng down the street in my neighborhood, Wrigleyville.

    thanks for the shout-out.

  3. Yay Fausto had a Commodore 64! Yes you are crowned head geek. Thanks for posting the show. Sal as always was great.

  4. Comment double dip
    Thanks for the shout-outs

  5. matt says:

    I love having all the regulars on the show. But sal once a week at least makes my day.
    Damn, I feel like I need to visit Chicago.

  6. Mark should start a blog called stuffblackpeoplelike – he’s always got a funfact about the African-American community!

    From Marc: Here’s the first one- Desserts in “To Go” containers.
    Slices of Cake

  7. ibox2000 says:

    \”Commodore 64\”?!? Bah. My first was a VIC-20 ($720); years before my C-64. 🙂 You always remember your first.

    More Sal-E. More Amanda. More Ronnie. More interesting random guests. Fewer whiny trannies please.

  8. kennidi says:

    Cute show…thank god I wasn\’t mentioned in it!!! LOL! Fridays show I came off as the bad guy when in reality I felt that the dirty laundry shouldn\’t of been aired….oh well im over it! This show was cute…Love ya SAL-E! Glad u had a great time with Steamworks!


  9. kennidi says:

    ibox2000…. i guess u didnt listen to my show…but I am not some whiny ass tranny! So please refer who u dont want on show, not talk shit about trannies!

  10. Jonas says:

    Well I personally love whenever Tracy is on, and I think Kennidi is lots of fun too. So they would be on the show as much as possible if it was up to me. I think it\’s great when Tracy speaks of disowning her kitties, sings lines from Sweeney Todd or tell of things she does making my life seems like the dullest thing ever.

  11. RcktMan says:

    Really, is it necessary to be rude around here? We love all of the guests on FoF. Everyone brings their own special brand of fun and boy do they ever bring it. If you feel that you don\’t relate to a particular guest, it\’s very simple: Don\’t listen. Comments like the one four comments above me are not only rude, they\’re also hurtful. Might I remind you these are people you\’re talking about? They have feelings, too. Try remembering that next time, please.

    Also, judging by the content of said comment, it appears to me this person isn\’t all that regular of a listener anyway.

  12. Cliff Dix says:

    I agree Rick. My mamma told me if you don\’t have anything nice to say don\’t say anything at all. Well I have lots of nice things to say about Feast of Fools and all the regulars. I could just eat Sal-E up with a spoon. He is so yummy. I want more! more! more! And I love the FOF girls like Tracy and Kennidi and Amanda (even though Amanda isn\’t a tranny.) I look forward to every show and I love the interaction and attention Fausto and Marc give their fans. Even stalkers like me and Glen.
    Hopefully TRAN will make it out on the road and come down to Atlanta. I am white and I love FOF and I just had an orgasm typing this out.

  13. kennidi says:

    Thank u Jonas Rick and Cliff for backing me up on what the comment said! Its nice to know gay people do like trannies…its so hard in this GBLT Community to discriminate because someone is different, may they be heavier than the next person, the wrong color or in a different sex then what they were born with. I appreciate all the gay men on here who love to hear Tracy and I. Being women in this world is our life, not a game, and not everyday is going to be a good one that u hear on the show. We all have issues and its nice to hear someone else talk about theirs and u can relate. I just hope this podcast doesn\’t stop bringing trannies on, because more gay men need to hear it, because some are very UN-EDUCATED!!! We all have to fight for our rights in this community so why start discriminating against your own people.

    Thank you guys! Much love,

  14. Pete says:

    more fine words of wisdom from the lovely kennidi…..i personally was very ignorant about trannies until FOF had guests like Kennidi and Tracy, now I\’m a total tranny chaser….our love of cock should unite us, not divide us.

  15. Brian G. says:

    I love Tracy Tyler…she has the most contagious laugh…I\’m not a tranny chaser…but I know good people when I hear them…and that is all that is on this show…love everyone on the show…I\’d have to say my favorite recently is the studly Eric hot with an even hotter voice…

  16. kennidi says:

    Pete ur such a dollface! LOVE YA! I dont discriminate, and I love that u said cock is what should unite us….right on with that one! Cuz honey if u dont know already, I love my cock and i love a man\’s cock! I don\’t care if its gay cock, bi cock or str8 cock! It\’s a fucking cock and if u like me for me then we have something in common our love for cock! LOL! I have so many fag husbands….u see I got jealous other day when I seen Tracy kissing my husband MARC! LOL! Yea Im in love with some Marc!

    So anyways im doing this crazy thing to see if I can become Paris Hilton\’s new BFF! Dont u think it would be fucking hott to see a tranny be her new sidekick? I think so…go to this link and VOTE FOR ME! EVERYDAY! Make me her next BFF! Let\’s see if we can get this tranny to win!

    Love you all! Thanks for support!

  17. So has anyone had an orgasm yet? It sounds like only Cliff Dix has. Lets talk about the issues people! The issues!!!

  18. Another great show, wish I\’d been there but as I said to Sal-E (who looked fantastic as usual) the other day, UK to Chicago is a long way to go to a sauna even though my husband and I took a day trip to Brussels on eurostar just to go to one! Could this be the longest day trip for sex?!?!?!

    Sits back and waits for the other claims to come in 😉

  19. Flmustang says:

    I laughed alot at this episode. Of course Sal-e always makes me laugh… lol… I learned alot… I am going today to buy a pair of rabbit ears to go along with one of my nick names. THUMPER.

  20. RcktMan says:


    Oh my… I\’m squealing with antici (say it! say it!) pation! 🙂

  21. Yes, why DO they call you Thumper?

  22. Why did everyone assume that Ibox was refering to me ??? LOL LOL — now i Haven\’t listened to the show yet but I took it as he was saying less of ALL these trans people on here fighting (which there\’s been a lot lately ) When I\’m on the show I try to be super possitive, have a good time and spread joy and self acceptance. — oh well (rolling eyes) LOL LOL —

  23. \”Why did everyone assume that Ibox was refering to me ???\”

    I know, right? \”No more whiny trannies!\”
    \”Hey, leave Tracy alone!!!\”

  24. Definitely have Sal-e on regularly please. Sal-e is so \”on\” and never fails to punctuate everything with the right amount of naughty, funny, sassy, or all three.

  25. Hey Fausto – I am having one right now… UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNHHHHH. kljhgfdsxdcghgj, bfdghjgtykrd (sorry – wiping the keyboard).

    Wish I had a naughty nickname – only thing most guys come up with is *out of breath straight afterwards* \”You sexy f*cker!!\” I need to sleep with guys who are more creative. Maybe Flmustang can show me sometime how he earned his nickname so I know how to earn one. But without the rabbit ears please, that would just be distracting.

  26. SAL-E says:

    The Rabit ears are so that you have something to hold on to.
    I love the name Thumper!
    It gives me some dirty thoughts……………………
    I am so ready to get Thumped!
    There is this song by the Bloodhoundgang
    called bad Touch!
    I LOVE IT!
    Out of Breath?
    You just wait!
    Love ya

  27. You said to leave a comment if I want SAL-E on the show more often. I do! I do! I do!
    He is a riot and has alot to contribute to each show. I hope to meet all of you some day.
    SAL-E can you paint your face like a mexican wrestling mask and we can have some fun rolling around, trying to pin each other?
    Winner takes all!

  28. SAL-E says:

    Trust me I do not like to win on purpose……………just the thought of rolling around half naked………………….SIGN ME UP! Yes, and PLEASE!
    Love ya

  29. You are a too funny! I am visiting Chi-Town this summer/fall. I would love to come and see you perform. This will be my third attempt to meet the boys. Something always seems to happen.
    I will keep you posted on dates. Take care and thanks for all the smiles and laughs on my way to work each morning.
    Bear hugs, Mark

  30. SAL-E says:

    I just passed out thinking about our little wrestling match…………just don\’t touch the Face!
    I bet you can\’t say No to someone in Makeup?
    Let\’s take a picture. I\’ll Bring the Camera.
    Love ya

  31. SleeperChoke and SAL-E – I will be keeping an eye out for that video on X-Tube!

  32. SAL-E says:

    I can\’t wait to do a Steven and SAL-E video too!
    Everyone Ready? I will do the makeup!
    Love ya

  33. SAL-E says:

    You Ready to get Stunned?
    Brace yourself………………………..
    Love ya

  34. How funny you mentioned Martha Raye! Did you ever see the documentary on her marriage to Liberace wannabe, Mark Harris? He was 42 and she was in her 70s with dementia at the time! She left all her money to him against the wishes of her children. It\’s worth watching if you can find it anywhere.

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