FOF #729 – The Golden Standard

Mar 27, 2008 · 1985 views

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Ever notice how crazy people LOVE to talk about gold? Specifically the gold standard. If you’re ever at a party and someone starts ranting about how our economy is built on a house of cards […]


  1. Kaleb says:

    YaY! First post!


    YaY! Amanda! I loves me some Amanda!

    About the QUID, the brits already use the term \”quid\” as slang for the Pound, I think they\’re just trying to make their money the universal standard. Could it be part of the next wave of British colonization?

    I\’m assuming that since the pregnant trans man has sold his story, getting him on the podcast would be pretty much impossible … that\’s a real shame because that would have made an awesome episode. I sort of agree with Amanda about him not really being a male, but he\’s not really a female anymore either, so which pronoun should be used. I think there should be a third, gender neutral pronoun (one that\’s more personal than it/one) that could be used in this or any situation where gender deviates from the norm.

  2. Cliff Dix says:

    I think the next time Amanda gives blood she should wear her new \”Gay Boi In Disguise\” T-shirt.
    Amanda, Glen and I are still here. The tornadoes didn\’t blow us away.
    Love to you all,

  3. patrick says:

    haven\’t listened to the show yet but i\’m tingly all over just knowing amanda\’s in it! 😉

  4. damack says:

    Always great to hear someone who is proud of their prejudices and imposing them on others. Go Amanda!

  5. Geostud says:

    I love AMANDA!! Great show as always, you guys. I was just wondering, when will the new website be up?

  6. Teddy says:

    i love Amanda too…

    Also, I think it\’s awesome that you had some fans over to watch the show. I\’m sure they had an awesome time!

  7. Cliff Dix says:

    I agree with Alexis and Angie, Eric Himan is hot. I\’d have his baby.
    I can not wait to see Eric again. I saw him last year at Pride. He will be Performing at Blake\’s in Atlanta May 10th. Hope to see other FOFers there.

  8. Pete says:

    the Q in QUID currency should stand for queer instead of quasi since those colors seem to be taken from the gay pride flag. that picture of the quids reminds me of those ugly gay sculptures on halsted street here in chicago. also, as a closet star trek fan, i couldn\’t help but think of Latinum as the proposed currency of the future.

    i predict la pequena will make a video as madonna or mariah carey since they both have albums dropping soon. la pequena is huge so it won\’t be long before she has her own talk show or sitcom.

    that FARK party looks interesting. i mean, did you read the beer list! i\’ll seriously have to consider going. good show.

  9. PupDon says:

    Hi guys. I haven’t chimed in much lately because between an extensive new Randy Blue project and it being close to LA Leather weekend I’ve been swamped! But, having many transgendered friends I feel I need to chime in. The issue here seems to be that people don’t like the fact that someone is having their cake and eating it too. You find yourself saying that a trans man cannot have a baby or they should not be considered a trans man anymore. The big question here is “why?” The easy answer is “because that’s not the way it’s supposed to be”. A lot of people would argue that very fact about homosexuality. Kaleb mentioned this as an example as someone who “deviates from the norm”, but again, to the het community, gay people deviate from the norm.

    The way I see it, a person who begins life as female yet deep down knows they are male must give up everything female to become male, right? But at this point in time most trans men are forced to preserve some of their female body because medical science does not have the ability to complete the transition to the point of being fully functional. So if you’re stuck with certain female parts and you and your partner really want a baby, why not make use of what you have? If nature leaves you stuck with this body part that you would rather not have, but you find it comes in useful for something you really want in your life, isn’t it a waste to ignore it. It’s making lemonade out of lemons. And why should we look down on someone who is doing that.

    Gay people have had to endure all sorts of hatred and persecution for being different, but now that we are establishing ourselves in the world as, do I dare say, “normal” now we are going to look at someone who’s different than us and treat them with the same sort of hatred and persecution? I’m a gay man who loves to be flogged, runs around on all fours barking and eating out of dog bowls, and I’m an adult who loves cartoons and Disneyland. Am I normal? Hardly. So how could I dare look down on a person who has made the best of the body they’ve been given.

    And on the subject of pronouns. Have you ever had a friend or family member try to fix you up with someone of the inappropriate gender because they refuse to accept you are gay, or have someone tell you “you just need to find the right boy/girl” or something like that. Think about how much comments like that can hurt and annoy you. Now think about that every time you refer to someone as a “he” when they’ve spent their entire life working towards getting their male born body to match the female spirit they know deep down that they are. It’s hurtful and mean. We all have to share this planet together and the least we can do is treat each other with respect.

  10. Mateo says:

    I’m glad Amanda stopped by! I think she really keeps you guys grounded. She brings a maturity to the show without being matronly. Props to Amanda and props to having real live lesbians!

  11. Well said PupDon. You really can\’t put everything into little boxes. We have to open up our minds here and learn to understnad these things especially when we find it challenging. If we of all people can\’t accept who will?

  12. Teddy says:

    pupdon took the words right out of my mouth.

  13. I love how Amanda confidence, I find it very appealing.
    People that make fun of themselves are the highest hallmark of confident & self esteem.
    Amanda is meant For the FOF, come back often Dear.

  14. detnyre says:

    It was great to hear from the Purple Goddess of FOF again.

    I think money of the future will be stored in implants embedded in our body – our palms perhaps.

    Just wave your hand over a specific place on a vending machine, and out comes candy.

    Just wave your hand over the front of your computer, and another Eric Himan song is paid for and downloaded.

    You can give money to other people by shaking hands.

  15. Jamie says:

    I\’m glad to know that there are other Cincinnati listeners! Now if I can only get out of Cincinnati! 😉

  16. PupDon says:

    I\’m sorry Teddy. When I come to Chicago in May I\’ll be happy to give them back to you. If ya catch my drift. 😉

  17. Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to thank you for another great show, and please let Amanda know that I worship her!! She made me laugh long and hard today when I really needed it.

  18. I wasn’t sure what damack was talking about til I saw PupDon’s post.

    I guess I just feel that a man getting pregnant is crossing a gender line I wasn’t ready to accept the crossing of.

    I agree that if someone believes that deep down, he or she is the opposite of the gender whose equipment they were born with, and that person wants to be referred to by the other pronoun, I’m behind that. I support that. I more than support it, I advocate it.

    I think cross dressers are cool. I think trans (pre-, post-, or non-op) folks are balls out amazing (pun intended). I can’t imagine doing the kind of introspection required to reach a decision like that. Same reason I generally respect out gay people…they didn’t choose it, they had to recognize it and decide to accept it. That’s something we straights don’t usually have to go through, since we’re in the “default” position.

    Because having a baby is something so very definitively FEMALE, I’m having a hard time with the idea that he wants to have a baby and still be himself. Until recently (and still, among some people) a woman who chooses NOT to have children might be considered less of a woman.

    As a woman who has made that choice, I’ll admit I have some trouble with the idea of someone who has traded in their female identity for a male identity deciding to take part in an otherwise uniquely female experience.

    I think PupDon got it…I don’t like someone “having their cake and eating it too.” I guess I think the determination of gender identity should be an all-or-nothing proposition. I don’t think it’s like being bi, where you are turned on by both sexes. Thinking about it, I suppose I’m in a contradictory position. It just seems that since it takes so much work, like Don said, to get to where people accept you as the other gender, and refer to you as the other gender, why would anyone want to do something so OPPOSITE of what that gender is?

    In the end, it’s his choice. If he were a friend of mine, I’d support him all the way, even if I thought it was TOTALLY WEIRD.

    Now, can anyone tell me if this is for real:

  19. Eric says:

    *noisemakers* Amanda\’s back! It\’s like the return of a character on a show I really enjoy who disappeared and then returned 10X more entertaining than I remember her.

    Money in the future is going to be digital and I agree-we can\’t have a universe without credits being the unitary type of denarii.

    I lie when I donate blood. I figure the person who needs my blood to live wouldn\’t care who I am, though I hope we figure this issue out really soon because it\’s just disgusting that a vestige of such a biased and scientifically unsound age.

    As for pronoun usage there was a study that \’yo\’ was being used for gender unidentifiable people in some cities youth. I\’m not sure if it would work or simply be offensive but it\’s interesting to see how language takes odd twists and turns finding solutions we\’ve all been pondering. You can wiki it if you don\’t know what I\’m talking about.

    And good show guys! I wish I could go to NY but I\’ll just have to listen to what everyone says about it, I\’m sure it\’ll be grand.

  20. matt says:

    Is it me, or was Amanda W-R-O-N-G on the Passover bit?

  21. Oh yes she was. Thank you for your support.

  22. Wren says:

    Great show as always boys. So happy Amanda was back, *hugs* to Amanda.

    I\’ll admit the pregnant man thing is difficult to wrap your mind around…I read a bit more about it after the show and learned that the guys (his name is Thomas Beastie, if I recall correctly) wife had some lady problems, of an exact nature that I cannot recall, which left her unable to conceive.

    They discussed in an article on the Advocate the degree of….transphobia, I guess, that they\’ve encountered trying to secure care for the baby. It\’s kinda sad…but it\’s also a scary concept for a lot of people…crossing lines that have not really been crossed before.

    Also, apparently this is the second time they\’ve tried to have a baby. The first time ended in triplets, but they were ectopic and had to be taken out.

    All in all a very interesting, and frankly, controversial topic.

    But yeah, much love to you guys, and bring Amanda back around more.

    P.S. Ditch the damn chicken.

  23. RcktMan says:

    Loved the show! And of course I always love Amanda. 🙂

    But Amanda… Passover IS related to the 10th plague, when the Hebrews painted their doorways with lamb\’s blood so the spirit would PASS OVER their homes and not kill their first born. What are ya, new? 🙂

    And I have to agree… that chicken was 1,000 times more shrill than Amanda could ever HOPE to be. OUCH!

    As for the pregnant man… oddly enough, when I saw the pictures and read the story, my immediate reaction was \”How COOL is that?\” I wasn\’t turned off or grossed out… I thought it was pretty frickin\’ incredible. It\’s different, but it\’s really amazing, too. I can see how some people might be thrown by it. As Fausto said, we have to accept that people are going to have difficulty wrapping their brains around the situation. The important thing is for us to help educate them into understanding WHY this happens, and WHY they want to do the things they do. Every questioning moment is a possibility for education. That\’s how we learn; that\’s how we grow.

    I really love that you throw in these interesting and sometimes intellectual conversations amid all the noisy chickens and talk about lovelorn geese. 🙂

    Come back soon, Amanda!!!

  24. PupDon says:

    Amanda, I can see where you\’re coming from. And I appreciate your comments because it\’s looking at it a different way. I would not have been able to see this from the point of view of a bio-female. I know a trans man who does drag and I actually took offense to that for a while. I thought, why go through so much trouble to make people see you as a man and then turn around and try to appear female on top of that? Strangely enough, I have more of a problem wrapping my brain around that then I do with the pregnancy thing. But at the end of the day it\’s all about what a person wants to do with themselves as long as they are not hurting someone else.

    Oh, and that guy on the pregnant man website doesn\’t look pregnant to me, he looks like me. A guy with a big round belly. 😀

  25. PupDon says:

    I just found out the male pregnancy website is a fake. It\’s a multi-media art project. Here is the website of the group that\’s behind it.

  26. damack says:


    Having a baby isn\’t definitively female, it\’s definitive to a body that has two X chromosomes. It\’s been well established that one\’s gender and one\’s physical sex are two very different things. The only reason that pregnancy should be considered female is because until now it hasn\’t been otherwise. This man is proving that untrue.

    Couldn\’t the equivalent have been true about vaginal sex until the first transman who didn\’t have bottom surgery hooked up with someone? Everyone would have said, \”But vaginal sex is so definitively FEMALE.\”

    Until it wasn\’t.

  27. It wasn\’t about the exodous? Well. How the hell about that. Then what\’s the deal with matzo? Isn\’t that what they ate in the desert for 40 years?

    Doesn\’t matter to me anyway because the only true religion is Pastafarian. May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

    Damack, I will give you vaginal sex. Er, that is to say, I will concede to your argument that vaginal sex was strictly for women until it wasn\’t. I\’ll even give you that a man can bear children in a manly way if he so wishes and if he has the correct biological components handy.

    It\’s just that, with the sole exception of seahorses, the females of all species are defined as the child-bearers, the pregnancy-havers, and the stretch-mark sufferers (unless they lay eggs or have pouches, but they\’re still female). I\’m not saying he doesn\’t have every right to get pregnant. I just don\’t understand WHY he would put his long-sought manhood up for debate, given how FEMALE pregnancy is considered to be. Why engage in such a contradiction to his gender? Yes, gender vs chromosomes, I know. But most of society would find it very female, and this is one rare place where I\’m siding with most of society. Vaginal sex is just another way of rubbing things together, which defines almost all sex. Childbirth is beyond that.

    And \”wanting children\” is not enough of an argument to stretch the gender lines…there are tons of perfectly bouncy babies waiting for adoption. Having never had a biological imperative myself, I don\’t understand why so many people insist on making new ones when there\’s such a surplus. Nobody\’s genes are that important, and bloodlines only count in royalty, and we\’ve seen how well THAT works out…

  28. kennidi says:

    This show was so cute! But wheres my gift? I heard I got one…lol! Alexis and Angie, I got the honor to meet and hang out with them this wkend! THey are a blast and great lesbians…I will be going there way to hang out with them this summer, I had way too much fun! They are pretty too! LOL!

    The trans man, I totally agree with Amanda…most real trans men may not go all the way cuz its not worth it, but they get hysterectomies. So I think what Amanda says is that if u want to be a man be a man, men don\’t get pregnant! So I think it would be more fun to see a trans woman get pregnant not a trans man! LOL!

    Much Love,
    PS… Amanda nice to hear u back!

  29. nurseguy says:

    Hey Amanda’s back! And I agree, Amanda-there are so many kids needing supportive and loving homes why make another one just because you have the parts to do so?! I actually logged on to give the passover correction because dammit even if I don’t believe the stories I did have them pounded into my head as a child and I had to laugh at myself shouting back at the podcast about how wrong Amanda was. And then I laughed because now I know it doesn’t matter and there really is no vengeful god in the sky coming down with the angel of death to kill if we don’t do every thing just right…..sure glad I escaped all that and found the FOF!!

  30. Hennie says:

    Seeing as I always forget to comment, please take this as a thousand comments’ worth of “I just LOVE me some sweet, sweet Amanda Steinstein honey!”

    May The Flying Spaghetti Monster bless your soul, Amanda.

  31. It’s such a delight to hear Amanda’s dulcet tones one again! Welcome back girl! You know the new season of Doctor Who starts in the UK this weekend? But I know you’re more of the Tom Baker era!

  32. Very glad to hear Amanda again, she cracks me up, by which I DON’T mean she sells me crack. Bobby Brown does that.
    I will be giving that Dutch suicide manual a try and let you know how it turns out. Local reporting is fun!

  33. Robbie says:

    Here’s your educational update:

    “Passover” – Rocketman’s right about that one.

    Matzah – Jews eat that ’cause when they got the final announcement that they would be able to leave Egypt, they had to go in a rush. They happened to be baking bread at the time, but because they were in such a rush they didn’t have time to let it rise, so they took it anyway. Being the desert, the dough that they carried on their backs that didn’t rise baked in the hot sun, and that was called matzah.

    Manna – that’s what the Israelites ate in the desert after the exodus, while they were walking for 40 years.

    And lastly, the 10th plague was killing the first born son of egyptians (and their animals, except for pharoah) ’cause that was exactly what the egyptians did to the Israelites.

    And for what it’s worth, in Hebrew the holiday is called “pesach” (ch- clearing throat sound) which is the hebrew name for the pascal sacrifice, which was the lamb. It was the lamb’s blood that was put on the doors of the houses of the israelites so that the angel of death would know which houses to “pass over” and not kill.

    How’s that?

  34. Hey everyone….Jody here from the amateur porn company in Seattle who sent the guys the gift basket….If interested check out the following….


  35. Come baaaaaaaaaaaack, Amanda! I miiiiiisssssss yooooouuuuu!

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