FOF #774 – Inside Gay Travel

Jun 5, 2008 · 1985 views

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Summer is here and the warm weather beckons us to travel. Pack your bags, because on today’s show we’re talking to two of the hottest gay tour providers, Joel Cabrera and Bryan Herb who run […]


  1. Pete says:

    joel and bryan seem to have the coolest job ever…sitges is amazing. so many sexy europeans and interesting nightlife options.

    you guys described a perfect day. cruising the beach so you can later post a “missed connection” on craigslist, eating at a buffet that’s been raided by a bunch of hungry bears, gettting drunk off blue moon pitchers before finally vomiting and passing out at the Argyle L station.

  2. You’re so romantic you practically sweep me off my feet.

  3. RcktMan says:

    LOL!!!! Oh my god you two crack me up!

    Haven’t heard the show yet — I’ll be listening tonight when I get home from work. But I was tickled to see my picture in the post! I love hitting Hollywood Beach… so much fun and so much to SEE!

  4. Matty says:

    Great show. I myself have never been on a vacation. Ever. I know, how sad. But when I do get the coin and time to finally take one I know where I’m going. London, Berlin and then Tokyo. I have friends in each city so I get free lodging. Which will help. I think I am the type of person who vactions for education and to see the sites. I dont think I would enjoy going and seeing the gay scene. I love to learn so I’d rather spend my time in museums and exploring the older parts of the city’s, I’m not much of a club person anyway. Although my highlight of my vaction would be seeing the Tokyo Club scene. My friend Soo said she would love for me and her to dress up like harajuku girls, but in the baby doll style. I cant wait. Should be fun when I finally do get to go. Well, great show ya’ll!

  5. Gay vacation topics always kind of suck because people often equate it with cruising singles. Is that the only thing that makes a vacation Gay?

    Okay – here’s a Gay cruising tip for Florence, Italy. If you go a block behind the famous Duomo, you’ll find the members only Club Crisco. You knock at the door and a little sliding window opens – like a speakeasy from the 1920s. Yes, you’re men, they’ll let you in. Please join our private club for a small membership fee. Follow the steps down to a funky bar. Say, what’s going on in that other room? Ah, a projection TV with porn. To the left from there is a dance room, to the right? I don’t know, it was dark and I wasn’t cruising.

  6. I love Italy and I had to get one of those cards to enter The Hangar in Rome. It had a unicorn on it and it was called something like “The Homosexual League of Italy.” I kept the card for a few years as a souvenir.

    Everyone did “it” in the toilet back in 1999. I don’t know if they still do. A guy wanted to take me home but then he insisted we do it in the car because he still lived with momma.

  7. What great people Joel and Bryan come across as! It’s nice to know that someone is looking after the interests of culture queen as well as the “drink, drink, boom, boom, shag shag” queen; more power to them. Btw Brugge gets my vote for the non-scene destination with good food and great architecture and history, we love it!

  8. Circuit parties, hot gay men and beaches!!! Wow, I thought we were a little deeper than that!
    How about we get some culture? As long as it’s a gay friendly city that is all we need to know. I don’t think every place you travel has to be just like your “Boys Town” at home. Not every fag needs to be surrounded by drugs, alcohol hot bodies and shallow people.

  9. Fun show today guys. Really great fun guests. I found myself laughing quite a bit. The circuit party bit had me screaming with laughter. Thanks for a great show!

  10. SAL-E says:

    Circuit party=Drugs
    The only reason these people really go to them is for the DRUGS. Plain and simple.
    Say No, till you are blue in the face………….Trust me you can go to anyone of these and you will find what you are looking for.
    Everyone should go to at least one of these events just to experience these parties that attract everything and everyone under the sun in hopes to raise money for some charity. Also to dance and be free and watch people be carried away in ambulances.

    The reason I love them is for the stage productions and I guess the whole production part of it.
    I some how always get pulled into working behind the scenes and I love it.
    I get to watch all these HOT MEN that look like they must work out everyday to show off their bodies at these events. The more they get fucked up the more naked they get……
    Basically a Huge party with a theme, big named Dj, stage performances, light shows and did I mention HOT GUYS?
    I am not knocking these events I just find it funny that they are always supposed to be against the drugs yet they are the places where all the drugs can be found. So are you really giving back to your community?
    Think about it……
    Yes, you might see me at one of these events, on stage, behind the scenes or working the venue but never under the influence.
    I strongly believe in a time and place for everything and everything in moderation.
    I just find it sad that a lot of these guys depend on their party favors.
    So much that they end up ruining their lives.
    I do not have drugs, do not want any, do not ask me for some.
    I do not need Drugs……unless they can tune dumb people out.
    Don’t get me started on this…..
    Love ya

  11. Renata T. says:

    I just loved this show! It was great!
    I loved that they talked about the cultural side of Rio, they should endorse it!
    I’m from Rio and I grew up in museums and cultural places. =*

  12. Funny to read that there is a circuit boy stigma. I guess people don’t see that you can attend a city that coincidentally is hosting a circuit party and not be concerned. Parties are an opt-in function (not a requirement).

    I question Vieques about being the next gay hot spot. I agree with Mark that San Juan is definitely not a gay mecca. But, they got me thinking about Buenos Aires and my vacation needs. The Hotel Axel is fantastic when I stayed in one in Barcelona.

  13. jimberly says:

    Buenos Aires is fabulous. And the Hotel Axel there is just gorgeous. My BF and I were in the city last November, and while we didn’t stay at Axel, we stopped by for lunch, snacks, and cocktails on a few occasions. Very very nice. And the city is really incredible. We are going back this year – and making time to go to the Uruguayan beach town of Punto del Este….

  14. I wanna go to Buenos Aires! Big Apple!

  15. Travel!!Love it .
    I’m from Italy and i love to travel all around the world.But my next adventure it’s a house boat in the amazon river in Brasil. I just love getting in my house boat and travel up or down be in contact with nature and a lot of Fantastic people from diferent cultures.. (it takes about 10 years in a house boat to travel up or down some rivers in Brasil!).

  16. The recommendation of Bondi Beach in Sydney seemed a bit strange. I’ve lived there and it’s a real family beach, although the Lifeguards and Iron Men are hot to look at. There are plenty of ‘gay’ beaches around the area though: Obelisk Beach, Lady Bay and Werrong to name a few. Bondi is a really famous beach, but not gay.

    The beach/sand dunes in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands seem to be the most popular I’ve heard of in Europe.

  17. Robbie says:

    Fausto – if you want to come to the middle east Tel Aviv and Israel would be happy to have you! There’s plenty of gay life here and plenty of hot guys to show you around….

  18. I would love to go to Israel! It’s the So-Cal of the Middle East.

  19. Bryan says:

    Hmmm, Bondi Beach has been pretty gay every time I’ve been there. Two other options are:
    Tamarama (a.k.a. “Glamarama”) just to the south, and is more intimate and picturesque.
    Manly Beach, which begins the chain of Northern Beaches.

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