FOF #1054 – All Apologies

Sep 14, 2009 · 1985 views

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A hot discussion on musician Kanye West’s outburst at the MTV VMA’s, Serena Williams, South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson refuses to apologize, children behaving badly and the similarities between Madonna, Michael Jackson and Marc Felion.


  1. Looking back on the whole Kanye/Taylor thing, does anyone think this all might have been staged?

  2. Michael says:

    Marc – you literally made me spit out my gum when you said “I think you just have to punch your way through the second door.”

    And even though I didn’t watch the VMA’s i saw the clips and it doesn’t look as though it was staged, the look on Taylor’s face doesn’t appear to be one of agreement.

  3. Doug says:

    I have only one thing to say about West: COME OUT, DUDE! Your closed is falling apart already. Help out your brothers to live in peace with themselves

  4. Ugh. True Blood has forsaken us. Evan Rachel Wood (the ueen) is a horrid actress. It’s so sad. It’s like watching Kirsten Dunst grow up and lose her talent all over again.

  5. Let me say I do love Beyonce but it’s not like the video was an original concept. She kicked ass in it but it’s pretty much a cover dance number. That is probably why the judges didn’t give it to her. Very fun show boys!

  6. Matty says:

    Great show guys! It was so fun getting to interact with you guys, and everyone else. I had so much fun. I agree with Doug, Kanye should come out and be that support and role model to gay black men. Show them that you can be a brother and be gay at the same time.

  7. Hey guys. Let me break down some comments-
    Madonna: Speech was a little too long…and some of the private time stories made me feel a little funny. Like “oh God…what’s she going to say next?’
    Janet: Fausto…I disagree that they used the pitch-shift to make her sound like Michael. If you listen to the original recording of Scream…that is how she sounds. It’s more of a ‘rock’ type sound…and she is ‘screaming’ a bit as she’s singing it. She looked mad at the end..because that is what the song is about. The lyrics talk about all the crap the media and fans gave Michael back in the days all the wierd stuff and charges started. Janet did lip sync…but dancing like gotta. She did pretty welll…especially since she probably hasn’t done that routine since the video (she never sings it at her concerts). And yeah…I’m a die hard Janet fan….it’s been tough since the nipple and 2 sucky CDs…but hey…what are you gonna do?

    Kanye: Loser. Loved your comment about Kanye ‘outing’ himself Fausto. I laughed out-loud at work and got some looks.

  8. JavierJ says:

    kanye and joe wilson (the guy who heckled Obama) are douche brothers. apparently jay leno laid into him tonight, but i didn’t see it. and, you know, i gotta be true to myself: the best music video ever was vogue…with like a prayer coming in second. i love my madge, even if she is turning into the mummy and swimming in outfits like the big girls wear in gym class. and i love music videos that either have some sort of a narrative or are theatrical (which is why i hated that celebration video–and pretty much all videos with people just dancing in different outfits…except for single ladies: beyonce + fosse choreography is videolicious). great show guys!

  9. Anal Botox, hell no!! I had that done for medical reasons and they give you a general anaesthetic to do it. You can still feel everything and it does wear off after a few months.

  10. ibox2000 says:

    Horrible show. I hope I don’t make myself sound like a negative ass. I normally enjoy your topics and guests, but I had to stop listening to this episode.

    People talking over each other. One at a time, please.
    People shouting to the point of distortion.
    Uninteresting (to me) topic. I don’t care about “celebrities”, esp. those I know nothing about.

    Keep up the otherwise good podcast.

    • Meh, I actually kind of like the call-in shows. It’s fun to listen to the points of view of the listeners and the interactions. Sure, it’s a bit disjointed, but it doesn’t bother me a bit. I’m actually re-listening to the show right now. 🙂

      I say good show. 🙂

  11. patrick says:

    love you guys but gottta say, not a big fan of the call-in shows! (and i say that as a listener since 2005…) just a cacophony of disparate voices talking over each other. not sure whom to listen to… instead of enjoying the podcast, i just got a slight headache… hope the next one’s better!

    • Some people love them, some people hate them.

      I like to do them when Fausto and I are apart or when something that’s very POP culture is happening like the VMA. Not everyone can talk about politics, AIDS, the economy or ask questions to a celebrity but everyone can tell you what they think about Lady Gaga’s outfit or the Oscars.

      I prefer to have just one person at a time on the phone but the technology is a little buggy and I’d love to have a producer handle that aspect so it frees us up. It’s a lot to handle.

  12. George says:

    I’m so glad someone called out Lady GaGa’s bullshit-so-called-orginality. She has officially become the new Madonna in the sense of faggety adoration; Lady GaGa farts and all the gays just jizz all over it.

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