What Is It About Armpits?

May 2, 2008 · 1985 views

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Armpits are sexy. Even sweat-drenched pits that aren’t in a dress shirt can be sexy. Am I right? My friend Donald is sexy and I know he loves his armpits because he’s always drawing them. […]


  1. Avatar Dupuy says:

    Donald’s art is great… but there is absolutely no way he’s straight.

  2. WOW. Sexy. I bet they smell good too.

  3. Avatar defekto says:

    All I know is that he’s married to a woman…but he does wear pink high tops.

  4. Dupuy, cmon we all know we should never judge or contradict someone’s sexual preference. I have straight male friends who love dressing in my more feminine clothing. It doesn’t mean that they are transvestites either, why do we have to label everything? I’m not picking at you specifically please forgive me if it seems like that, but this is a problem we all have as a community. All of us at some point to some degree try to put people in boxes to try to better understand or cope with them being different from us. If he is a straight man who likes to dress up like a girl, or turn on gay guys then so be it, that doesn’t mean he’s gay it just means he’s kind of a jerk for wanted to lure gay guys knowing he isn’t gay himself.

  5. Avatar defekto says:

    Thanks Barbieboy (that’s kind of a girly name—just kidding), I agree, but I do wish that men who liked to wear women’s clothes would just call themselves transvestites. I love that word and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

  6. Then you must also love The Rocky Horror Picture Show, lol when Tim Curry sang “I’m just a sweet transvestite” i melted and i saved the video on my ipod.

  7. Avatar JackBeNot says:

    Fausto: do you still have that pic from the chat rooms of me with my arms behind my head?

  8. Avatar defekto says:

    Break out the old photos!

  9. Avatar JackBeNot says:

    Me, Fausto, and Kennidi playing with webcams:

  10. Avatar defekto says:

    what did I say…Armpits are sexy! Not to mention that blue “wig” on Fausto.

  11. My blue hair is now back to being a wig after 4 years of having it be dyed on my own hair. Everyone looks SO pretty.

  12. Avatar defekto says:

    Everyone DOES look so pretty wigs and hot pits do that.

  13. Avatar JackBeNot says:

    Yeah, everyone had a wig except me, so I took off my shirt. 馃榾

  14. Avatar defekto says:

    Props to you…it’s hard to improve on a nice wig, but you may have done it there.

  15. Defekto- I’ve seen your husband in a wig, and he looks STUNNING! Oh so pretty.

  16. Avatar defekto says:

    Just so people know, Wilma Martinez is not my husband. She is a free agent with multiple-passports … and personalities.

  17. Avatar PupDon says:

    I have a friend who does a porn site dedicated to armpits. LOL! A lot of guys find them sexy. I have a major shaving fetish and I think one of the sexiest things is a hot guy with shaved armpits. It’s not a feminine thing for me and it’s not a youth thing. I actually don’t like it when a guy is 18 or 19 and shaves smooth to look younger. I like manly men with totally smooth bodies, especially armpits. 馃檪

  18. Avatar JackBeNot says:

    Don! When are you coming down to see me again?

    I love the aesthetics of a hairy armpit, but realistically, who wants a tongue full of hair when you go to lick it?

    And Don. What’s that smell? 馃榾

  19. You like me with blue eyes?

    Marc Felion, with Blue Eyes.

  20. Avatar JackBeNot says:

    Damn, Marc! Very nice eyes, and a nice shaved armpit.

    You should grow the hair out on your other one, so you can get the attention of guys who like either. Woo!

  21. Thank you Jack- they are nice and hairy now, and un-photoshopped.

  22. Avatar PupDon says:

    Marc, I love that pic of you. 馃檪

  23. Avatar PupDon says:

    Jack, I suck! I totally need to make it to your neck of the woods again. Soon, baby, soon.

  24. omg Marc looks so rugged in that picture, lol you should call it “Untamed”

  25. Avatar Matty says:

    Hot pics! I love me a ginger boy. 馃槈 Armpits are a very masculine thing I think. For me they symbolize everything that is masculine, rugged, natural, ruff, manly, and burly. Love em!

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