FOF #1128 – The Bride of Wildenstein’s Predictions for 2010

Jan 21, 2010 · 1985 views

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Rawr! Our friend Marisan DeLellis talks about his new one-person musical “The Bride of Wildenstein” on Jocelyn Wildenstein, the eccentric New York City socialite who surgically transformed herself into the bizarre looking Cat Lady.

Plus we all share our predictions for the coming year: which celebrities will die in 2010? Gagaholism, Peacocking, Weird Mashups, Life Swapping, DIY Healthcare and Susan Boiling.


  1. Janet Napolitano was the governor of AZ for a long time before going to DC with Obama (and she was pretty popular and well liked here.) She was gay friendly and was helpful but she left the state in the hands of some crazy Republican. Janet will never come out. She’s just an asexual woman.

  2. marsian says:

    I wanted to let the listeners know that they can get tickets for BRIDE OF WILDENSTEIN – THE MUSICAL at Brown Paper Tickets:

    * * *

    Automata & IBEX Puppetry present


    1122 WEST 24TH STREET

    For further information: (213) 746-2166
    or email

    BRIDE OF WILDENSTEIN -THE MUSICAL: Have you ever gone too far for love? That is the question Marsian & Company pose in this new puppet musical in which an aging socialite grows fur and claws in hopes of recapturing the attention of her philandering game hunter husband.

    Thursday January 28th – Sunday, January 31st, 2010

    8 pm nightly

    Tickets: $15 General, $12 Seniors and Students

    To purchase tickets:

  3. I love it!!!!! Joan Rivers had made comments about her that I heard, also love the “what comes after the podcast” keep it up you 2, love to ya both………

  4. We have a local company that makes electric bicycles here in Worcester UK

  5. Andy says:

    Great show!

    My prediction for 2010 is that the Internet will slowly change from free content to payed content.

    About Lady Gaga…the extremer the hype is now, in the near future the faster she will disappear from the scene. At some point she will be not able to live up to the hype.

  6. Chickengirl says:

    what a long show! the last 4 minutes were a bity messy hehe

    fun show though! those were some pretty interesting predictions for this year…I can’t really think of anything interesting to predict…..

  7. Marsian is back!!! I love the voice and loved the songs.



  8. I’m a little behind, but this was a great show.

  9. Xavi says:

    Fun show, especially after you stopped “recording”. As this was the prediction show i thought i’d share a recent FB moment that may foreshadow the future. Someone I needed to interview was introduced to me via FB. As he isn’t a friend i didn’t add him as a friend but sent him a message. He responded “i rarely check FB as all i get is spam. Send me an email to“.

    Does this tell us he isn’t using FB appropriately or that he’s post FB and going back to email?

    i think it tells us he’s friends with the wrong people if he calls their emails spam. If this is an isolated case then i don’t think it means anything…if other people are choosing quantity over quality then this may be a growing trend.


    • sounds like he should go to cyber-charm school, Xavi.

    • Facebook is not a place to send serious emails, it’s best for in-the-moment messages.

      You can’t search it, archive it, or reference it. It’s best to use plain “old” email when scheduling people for interviews. We do.

      I have over 4,000 people as friends since I don’t say no to anyone (I’m that kind of a slut on Facebook) so I prefer when people contact me via email.

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