FOF #1581 – Little Guy, Big Gym

May 9, 2012 · 1985 views

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Gyms can be a little intimidating to someone who’s never stepped inside one before. With all sorts of bodies and weights going a million different directions all at once, you may feel a bit like frogger trying to cross the road without getting run over or eaten by crocodiles.

The very funny Jeffrey Jay to talk about the awkwardness people face when joining a gym, ways to overcome obstacles, and how to get off the couch to be in the best shape of your life.


  1. I had a great time, thanks for all the wonderful tips! I decided not to start yesterday, but I did ride my bike to the grocery store to pick up a pizza.

    Today I’m heading to the gym to get this thing started.

  2. BASboy says:

    Hey Marc. I must dissagree with you on the people who say they are working out only and hour are lying. Now perhaps those particular people are that you are dealing with. But in reality it just depends on ones goals. You can get a great physic with just Deadlifts and Bench Presses if you want. Though you are looking at a more classical body style of stong muscle over all that is a little flatter and less cut and every muscle seen. A deadlift works the hands, arms, triceps, shoulder, traps, quads, glutes and core stomach, giving you a much more greek statue look or modern day AMA wrestlers such as the pic included.
    As for the writer who died… a teacher read the book to us in class, it was good for the time. I can’t say it had an impact upon me.
    Also…yeah, my focus is getting in shape. So I love your workout shows (and most of the other ones too).

    • I’m sure some people can work out and maintain on just an hour a day, I
      I’m talking about some of the programs I’ve followed and the number of exercises included that I just can’t complete in an hour. And then you see- how could they leave key exercises out?

      • i get bored after about 45 minutes of lifting. i work out alone and have minimal rest periods in between sets and exercises. i have the energy, just lose the desire at the 40/45 minute mark (not including aerobic). always impressed by the commitment required to work out for over an hour. well done guys. LOVE that you are focusing on this. i would love to see a transformational section of feast of fun, before and afters of listeners who are following your advice and inspired to improve their health. xoxoxavier

  3. P90X and P90X2 are hard but fun and you see instant result. One hour a day but it’s a crazy hour. I am not a huge guy but I went from 150 – 178 and it’s not fat. My goal is 185.

  4. Reneecamp says:

    I thought women were hard on themselves, but poor Jeff is really tough on himself. Have some confidence, you’re fabulous!!!

  5. Great show! It was fun listening to Jeffrey Jay, I look forward to seeing him perform some time! It’s a real treat that you guys have so many trans guests on the show, keep ’em coming! And my friend Alfonso Muñoz asked a question! I’m working on keeping this car running. AND I didn’t know Maurice Sendak was gay…

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