FOF #651 – Brett Curious

Nov 15, 2007 · 1985 views

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What a cutie pie! The irrestitably handsome, talented and crush-worthy Brett Chukerman joins us on today’s show to talk about his brand new movie “The Curiostiy of Chance,” directed by Russell P. Marleau. If you […]


  1. I grew up in Highland Park too!!!! I can’t believe I missed that cutie. I need to come back for a visit!
    Brett if you want to come to visit the desert, contact me and I can give you a nice tour of the state. Grrrrrrr

  2. Barbara says:

    I could not agree more with Brett about the upcoming recession. My bank just went belly up. I am still in shock. 2 weeks ago I would have told you that was impossible. The majority of the subprime loans are going to reset in 2008. Batten down the hatches kids.

  3. BrettC says:

    Hmmmm! He’s not gay, and he’s made a career out of gay roles? Interesting…
    I’ve actually seen this a lot in local and professional theatre – usually people find themselves playing something against their sexuality. Maybe it is because as an outsider you observe more and have less of an agenda. Or maybe Brett’s just cursed with a gay name and initials.

  4. Johnny says:

    OMG! The Crush Video was so cute! I wish I had a best girlfriend like that when I was in school!!! Thanks guys!

  5. Wow.. loved Brett ever since I saw him in Crush, and he was smokin in Eating Out 2! Thank you for having him in th FOF!! And really, for a straight man, he plays the role really well.. I was still hoping.. 🙁 oh well..
    Hmm.. sounds like it’s time to revive the Gay Movies threads in the forum.

  6. Calok says:

    I was an outcast in high school, I hung out with the goth croude, i think its grate that a strate man plays a gay role who know when more ppl relise that it may make ppl more open to the Gay, lesbian, Trans, Bi comunity, we can only hope.

  7. Mdvanii says:

    Sounds gay, looks gay, plays gays and is versed in Ralph Lauren paints but he’s not gay.

  8. I love Brett! He is a cutie indeed. I imdb-ed him, I LOVE the fact that he was on Power Rangers. That’s just awesome.

  9. Maia says:

    What does it say about me, that when I hear “Chukerman,” instead of thinking sexy thoughts, I hear a voice in my head say: “Zuckerman’s famous pig!” Yep, that’s some pig.

    Brett sounds like a sweet, thoughtful, and open-minded guy. It’s refreshing to hear from someone in the movie biz who is so down to earth. Or, dare I say, humble. (H, U, double-M, double-B, L, E!)

  10. Kris says:

    When did they start selling paint at Linens n’ Things?


  11. groggy says:

    That’s metrosexual Mdvanii 😉

    It is so unfair I have no access to those goods of gay culture! I want them here!

    I really liked the ‘Crush’. Dealing with the girls may be heart-braking, when you are gay…
    Is it this girl starring there, that actually throws up?

  12. Curtis says:

    I haven’t heard the show yet, but this was one of the films that Steamworks sponsored at the Frameline SF International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. It was a delight and of course Brett Chuckerman is very hot.

  13. Can’t wait until sunday! See you guys there.

  14. Ventura79 says:

    Brett! yummylicios! great show guys! I sO wanna be FIT like him LOL

    Marc INSULT ME!!! my phone hasnt gotten a text in hours!

  15. PupDon says:

    The part about the Power Rangers gave me a flashback. I used to know a guy who was the model for that big Wizard of Oz head thing that they used to report to on the TV show. Poor guy got totally screwed. He went to LA, had all these pics and scans taken, they paid him for a day’s work and he flew home. Then the show took off and his computer generated face was on every episode and he never saw a dime beyond his one day pay.

  16. Joe P says:

    Even though this is a GLBT show I love the variety of exposure to all types of people: gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, and straight. Having straight, supportive guests like Brett is really reaffirming. I never heard of the movie before and now I am very interested in seeing it. I just wish that more people would not be dissappointed when a gay actor plays a straight role or vice versa. It’s just sad because it’s like a reverse form of discrimination.

  17. There’s a thing I find interesting: when a straight actor plays a gay role, all sorts of questions about their sexuality come up, but when a gay actor plays a straight role, there’s hardly a thing said. I hope Brett doesn’t find himself typecast and can pick up any role he wants (gay, straight or even redneck if he wants it.).

    As always, another brilliant show guys!

  18. Ross says:

    So I listen to the Brett Chukerman interview today. I can so see just how how he talks around the questions about his sexuality. It is ridiculous when he says that one can not know too much about an actor’s personal life, it should be a “blank slate” or it will interfere with the audience trying to relate to the character that they are trying to play. I have known several actors in my life, in fact my roomie is an actor, but knowing his personal life so intimately does not affect when I see him on stage. In fact, it is the opposite, knowing something that is so true about him and to have him make me beleive that that trait is not part of his character is a testament on what acting truly is.

  19. corey says:

    I agree that with Brett that knowing too much about an actor makes it difficult to “buy” their performances. Look at Ben Affleck vs. Matt Damon or Lindsay Lohan vs. Anne Hathaway. Damon and Hathaway’s careers are still full of life, while Affleck had to distance himself from his recent directorial debut in the hopes of not keeping people out of the theaters. And who saw Lohan’s “I Know Who Killed Me?” Ot take Meryl Streep for example. I know absolutely nothing about her personal life and never see her on the pages of “Us Weekly.” That really allows me to engage in her performance when I’m not thinking in the back of my mind, “Oh yeah. She just got out of rehab and recently ran over someone.” It’s distracting.

  20. Really enjoyed the interview. What a great, articulate, level headed, down to earth, talented guy. oh, and not bad to look at too……but thats stating the obvious. Thanks FOF’s for providing more top shelf talent for us to enjoy!! Keep it up.

  21. Oh my he is a cutie.

    I enjoyed listening to him and wanted to see what he looked like.

    I agree with Bodhisattva, thank you FOF for such great content! You guys do a great job. And I’m not just saying that because I won the box yesterday!

  22. He sure cute isn’t he?

    Brad Lucas, I think the reason why gay people question straight actors about their sexuality when they play a gay roles is because sadly there is a cost of being openly gay and are wondering if they are hiding something about themselves.

    Dont think for a minute there wasn’t a straight woman out there who was disappointed when Lance Bass or Neil Patrick Harris came out as gay men. Imagine how Clay Aiken’s hetero, homophobic female fans would react if he really came out of the closet. Not good.

    It’s healthy to speculate and if you’re going to be an actor (or a celebrity of any kind) you’d better get used to it. We’re smitten with celebrities on screen and want to know if the hot ones are gay like us. It’s a way of wanting to be closer to them. You never see people speculating about unattractive actors’ sexuality, only the sexy ones.

  23. Tanjalin says:

    As a straight woman, I’m completely willing to snuggle up to the man just so we can all end the debate!

    Seriously, Brett was adorable throughout the interview. And if he’d admitted his sexuality completely one way or the other, he wouldn’t be getting so much FoF press!

  24. Great guest thx for the show

  25. Yves says:

    Yes, Marc and Fausto, I REALLY think so too.

  26. Rick says:

    I loved the first “Eating Out” and can’t wait to see part 2. Very interesting show today. Thanks.

  27. Sigh. He’s so cute.

    I always fall for creative people. With nice bodies. And stunningly hot looks. And great teeth. And who reads Stephen King and Harry Potter…

    If I was a stalker I would definitely stalk him.

  28. Poor Brett — you two were such shits — especially Fausto.

    Good show, though.

  29. Really liked this guest, seemed to have brains as well as looks (the bastard). Don’t particulary care about celebrities’ leanings as I will not be sleeping with them in any case. (But Vin Diesel travels Europe, so in his case I am keeping my fingers crossed.) And if Brett ever visits Amsterdam, we will gladly fit him in somewhere. Ooops, did I make an innuendo? Bad me!

  30. Still catching up with the podcasts. I quite enjoyed this one.

    I do have to agree with him that I can’t watch any more movies that star Tom Cruise.

  31. Duane says:

    An actor’s personal sexual preference should not influence whether he or she gets a role that is opposite that of the character. The decision to cast should be based on the actor’s abilities to bring this character to life. Brett is great! He finds ways to make the characters his own. I almost wish I didn’t know his true sexual preference ’cause it spoils the fantasy!! Great show guys! Thanks again!

    P.S. – I agree Tom Cruise is over. Hey, leaves an opening for Brett to move on up!!

  32. Loved him. I hardly ever listen to podcast more than twice but I have listened to this one almost twenty times. I know it’s December now and Im Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay late but I just had to add how much I loved this show.

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