VIDEO: Teaser Trailer for New Smurf’s Movie

Jun 17, 2010 · 1985 views

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I don’t know about you, but I love the Smurfs! Those loveable blue creatures that Gargamel and his cat were always trying to catch, and for some reason, eat.  Well coming to the big screen […]


  1. Curtis says:

    I guess it’s generational. To me the smurfs are these annoying, ugly, poorly animated little trolls on drinking glasses I had to give away with burger purchases as a teenager working at Hardee’s in the early 1980’s. All these 80’s revival film projects (Karate Kid, A-Team, Miami Vice, Smurfs) just point out to me how vapid most of the film and television of that era was. It was pretty much the dark ages for filmed material, with incidental glimmers of genius like the John Hughes movies, Pee Wee Herman Revenge of the Nerds and the Golden Girls). The fact that so many of these low brow source material films are being made says much about the lack of creativity and the domination of Hollywood by calculated corporate bottom line thinking right now.

  2. webby686 says:

    yeah this is really just laziness to recycle all these old shows, relying on people’s nostalgia to sell tickets over any actual content. and CGI is way overused. if this were really the 80s they would do puppets or claymation. i would maybe see that over a glossy kid-friendly lowbrow CGI mess.

  3. carrma says:

    In defense of the Smurfs, I grew up watching it and I think it prepared me for living in the Castro later in life. Hundreds of shirtless men and one token female hanging out together. How gay is that? I mean they even live in brightly colored phallic shaped mushroom houses. That said, this movie looks like it will be as terrible as all the other similar cartoon/live action movies that have preceded it.

  4. Andy says:

    They should stop to recycle old shows. This movie probably will not be good too like other movies they made of old shows. Although I really liked to watch the smurfs as a little child. 🙂

  5. Blueboi says:

    My inner child’s jumping up and down yelling “OMG OMG”.
    THe Adult in me feels another Garfield movie coming. :/

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